Winchester Student Union is run according to a set of governing articles, foremost of these is our constitution.

The Constitution

A constitution is a set of rules that set out how a body is governed and run.

Our constitution was adopted by our members as of the 1st July 2011 and is required to be reviewed on a five year basis.

The constitution was last reviewed in the academic year 16/17 and minor amendments were made by the Officers, Trustees & Student Senate, of the Union. All such amendments were made to either provide clarity or reflect best practice or adopted bye-law.

Constitution - Our governing document.


Bye-laws are high level documents that provide further details on how Winchester Student Union operates as both a democratic charitable and membership organisation. Each bye-law gives such specificity for a specific area of our activity, those being:

Bye-Law 1 -  Union Democracy, Governance & Meeting Groups

Bye-Law 2 -  Code of Conduct - Disciplinaries, Complaints & Appeals 

Bye-Law 3 -  Election Regulations

Bye-Law 4 -  Activities

Bye-Law 5 -  Finance


Policy - Health & Safety

Policy - Parental Leave

Policy - Equality

Policy - Data Protection

Policy - Sustainability

Policy - Flexible working

Audited Accounts:

Winchester Student Union is a charitable membership organisation, and one of our mandates is to be transparent about how we spend money and our financial health. Indeed it is a legal requirement for us to have our accounts audited by an independent professional 3rd party, to make sure our accounting, policies and practices are all in good shape and the organisation is sustainable.

Click for details of our most recent audited accounts.


If you have any questions about the constitution, our Bye Laws, or our audited accounts please email the President of Winchester Student Union.