Welcome to the neighbourhood

You are now part of the local community of Winchester, a fantastic place to live and have fun. However it is worth bearing a thought for your neighbours as they may have a very different lifestyle to your own, and your behaviour may affect them greatly.

University of Winchester students can have a significant impact on communities they live in, and you have a chance to make that a hugely positive experience for you and your neighbours, and to make a positive contribution to the area’s wellbeing!


Why not introduce yourself to your neighbours? This will help build a positive relationship.

Whoever your neighbours are, respect them and their living patterns. Remember to be particularly sensitive if you live alongside young children.

A lot of housing in the area is terraced with adjoining walls, so noise travels.Try to remember this when you are at home! Avoid testing the volume of your stereo and place TVs, radios and PCs away from adjacent walls. Keep them off the ground so the base doesn’t reverberate around the house.

When you come home at night, try to do so quietly and keep your voices down. Just because you are awake, doesn’t mean your neighbours are… or want to be. Remember SSHH - Silent Students Happy Homes.

If you have excess rubbish, don’t just leave it in the garden or outside your property. Ring the council, who will come and remove it.

Respect others’ property - fences, walls, street furniture and parked cars in particular.

Always have consideration when parking, don’t block roads, driveways or garages! That’s just silly!

If you are having a party, let your neighbours know in advance. Stick to a finishing time and ask guests to leave quietly. Avoid having house parties in the week, most people have work or lectures!

If a neighbour does complain in any way, respect their opinion, take responsibility of your actions and respond appropriately.

Silent Students Happy Homes - SSHH!

SSHH asks students to respect their community and be quiet when leaving our events, and walking home through the city. To encourage students to SSHH we actively patrol the high footfall areas at the end of our events, and provide sweets to help keep the noise down! Our Safety Bus runs students home from our venue to reduce the number of students walking through the local area.

How To Contact Us

Student Union: 01962 827418

To contact us in the evening regarding any noise issues please call the Site Stewards on 01962 827666.

To report anti-social behaviour call 101

University Switchboard: 01962 841515

Email us: SU_Ents@winchester.ac.uk