What are Student Union Elections and why are they important?

Student Union Elections are a legal requirement that allows the organisation to be member led by you, the students.

Winchester Student Union Executive Officer Elections (Spring Elections) take place in Semester 2, to elect student representatives for the following academic year (July 1st-June 30th). If necessary, a By-Election is held early in the new academic year to fill any remaining vacant positions.

Winchester Student Union Student Senate Elections (Autumn Elections) take place in Semester 1, to elect student representatives for Student Senate for that academic year.

During these elections, eligible students put themselves forward for nomination and run as candidates for the representative positions, and student members vote for their preferred candidate to win.

To find out more information about elections or to nominate yourself for any current election, please follow the links below.


The timetable for Union Executive Officer (Spring) Elections 2020 is:

Nominations open: Monday 3rd February, 10am

'Candidacy & Croissants' (information drop-in): Wednesday 12th February, 9-11am, Stripe Studio 1

Nominations close: Friday 21st February, 2pm

Candidate briefing: Friday 21st February, 6pm

Campaigning: Monday 24th February, 9am (including when posters can start being put up)

Candidate Q&A: Tuesday 25th February, 6pm, the Vault

Voting opens: Tuesday 25th February, 9pm

Voting closes: Friday 28th February, 2pm

Results in the Vault & online: Friday 28th February, 9pm (tbc)