What are Student Academic Reps (StARs)?

Whilst studying at Winchester, you may want to feedback about your course, or comment on what could be developed to improve your learning experience. One way you can do this is through the ‘StAR’ system (Student Academic Representatives). Being a StAR offers students the opportunity to collect opinions from classmates and feedback to University and Union staff through Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings. This allows the student voice to be heard, and can make a real change within the courses that we offer. The changes and opinions are discussed within these meetings, and then are distributed back to their cohort by said StARs to keep the students informed of the responses to their concerns and questions.

How do I become a StAR?

StARs are elected in Semester 1 after an introduction given to the students by The Vice President, Education & Welfare (VP). The VP will then carry out training sessions, in collaboration with the University to ensure that StARs are equipped properly to carry out their responsibilities. The VP will also be the StARs main point of contact for support and guidance throughout their time as a StAR.



  • How a voice into how your course is ran
  • Rewards given for your time & hard work (StAR points) can be claimed
  • A prestigious role that you can display on your CV
  • Being a StAR is recognised on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


More information & training sessions:

If you would like to enquire about any dates or information about all things StARs then please email SUStar@winchester.ac.uk


Student Chairs: SSLC Agenda Template 2020

If you are a Student Chair or Deputy Student Chair, please click the link to download the SSLC Agenda Template 2020.