Student Led, Student Delivered. Students Empowered.

Based in the King Alfred Centre, Winchester Student Union is run for students, by students. We are an independent organisation from the University itself, and we are dedicated to representing and supporting you as students, as well as providing a wide range of opportunities, activities and events for all students across our Education, Welfare, Activities and Services Zones.

Your leaders, elected by you - The President, Vice President, Education and Welfare and the Vice President, Activities, along with the 5 Student Officers, are students elected annually by the student body to run the Student Union, with support from a dedicated staff team. Look out for your elected officers across campus and on social media, encouraging you to share your opinions and views about your student experience. Have a chat to them, get in contact and make your voice heard as they will campaign on important issues on your behalf relating to all aspects of your university experience at Winchester, for example access to funding, student welfare, or enhancement of campus facilities.


Find out more - download our Union Guide.


Above all, Winchester Student Union is a membership organisation which promotes inclusion, participation and representation, here to ensure that you have
the opportunity to get the absolute most out of your student experience whilst studying at Winchester.

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