Student Officers have no pre-defined portfolio, but along with the rest of the elected executive committee, will discuss and propose areas of work for the Union, ensuring that all students are represented. Alongside representing student views generally, Chloe's chosen areas of work will include taking an active role on the following;

  • Education (Education Zone)

  • Environment & Sustainability (Education Zone)

  • Student Demographic Represenation (Education Zone)

  • Welfare & Wellbeing (Welfare Zone)

  • Equality & Diversity (Welfare Zone)

  • Events & Entertainment (Services Zone)


Phone: 01962 827418


More about Chloe


What do you study?

I am currently studying criminology with psychology.


What SU run events and activities have you been a part of?

I am currently a StAR for my course. 


What are your top Manifesto points?

  • My main priority is to improve the support and awareness of mental health, and try to create more support groups and systems. 

  • Another priority for me is to increase academic support, I want to set up more workshops to help provide academic support and advice from other students and lectures. 

  • Ensuring that I can provide a voice for those who feel like they can’t be heard, and bring a new perspective to the student union team.


What made you run in the Elections to become an officer?

I ran for student officer as I believe it is important for everyone to have a voice. My goal is for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at university, and by being a student officer hopefully people feel comfortable enough to voice their concerns and change can be made.  


What’s your favourite thing about Winchester?

Overall I think Winchester is an amazing place to live, the town is always busy and there is always someone signing, and it just feels very welcoming. 


What has been your proudest moment during your student journey?

It has been a crazy year to start my student journey at Winchester , but I have enjoyed every minute. I would have to say my proudest moment is having the confidence to run for student officer. 


What do you like doing when you aren’t being a Winchester SU Officer?

I love going out and socialising with my friends , I have also recently really got into exercising ,whether that’s going to the gym or just going on a walk to St Catherine’s hill.