The Union strongly believes in championing and celebrating the success of our members. We do this is a number of way, but foremost amongst them are our annual awards:



The purpose of Colours is to honour and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of the sports teams and sporting individuals that we collectively refer to as ‘Team Winchester’. Awards, recognitions and the converted Colours themselves (awarded to two members of each team for their hard work and efforts for their team - these are nominated by members of each team) are all given out during a sumptuous ceremony that includes a meal and after party.


Student Union recognition awards

This year, combining the Student Led Teaching Awards & Union Awards under a single banner, we celebrate the achievements and successes of students, faculty staff, student academic reps and societies. From community engagement to society events, the SU Awards recognise the diverse accomplishments of our student body and those that make the student experience that much better.

Honorary Lifetime membership

Winchester Student Union has the pleasure of being able to award honorary lifetime membership to the Students Union. This membership can be awarded, via the democratic councils of the Union, to those individuals who have played a critical, active or exemplary role in shaping, delivering or championing the strategic aims of the organisation; whether sitting on committees, serving in a voluntary capacity or being a Union or sports and society elected official.

As well as being a token of our respect, admiration and gratitude, this membership gives the holder the right to attend events, activities and attending and speaking at union forums and General meetings.

The following document gives more details on how life membership might be conferred. You can also nominate someone for Honorary Lifetime membership at the bottom of this page.



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