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Boys Do Cry

We at Winchester Student Union, decided to open the conversation surrounding men’s mental health.  As a predominately female identifying institution, there is the risk that our male identifying students and communities feel lost and unable to speak out.

We created a safe space for our male identifying students to have an open and honest chat about the last time they cried.

Within our activities, especially male sports teams, students feel the pressure to be performance ready. Being performance ready all the time is exhausting and leaves no time for self-awareness or caring for one’s mental wellbeing. I am so proud of all our male sports teams, societies, wellbeing representatives, and students who feature in this video. Your bravery, friendship, and support for one another is admirable and I am so thankful that you chose to get involved with this campaign.

Vice President, Activities.

Time To Talk:

This year we have introduced a focus on student wellbeing within the activities zone. We believe It is time to talk about mental health in our sports teams, societies, and representational networks which is why we are so happy and proud to lead and support this campaign. University is prime time for adults to struggle with their wellbeing and many use activities as a distraction. In our activities we have such close communities of students, we must use this as an advantage to help each other and start conversations about how you or others feel. So many of our members may be struggling with their wellbeing and too afraid to speak out or ask for help. Mental illness should not hold our students back from getting involved in activities and having a good university experience. Please, choose to talk. And if you are struggling with your mental wellbeing – come and see us.

This Girl Can:

In December, Winchester Student Union carried out a ‘This Girl Can’ campaign week. We chose to take part in this campaign because it’s all about celebrating female representation in sport, empowering each other, and breaking the stereotypes which sadly still exist in the sporting industry. Through This Girl Can we wanted to celebrate all our female identifying students who are doing their thing and getting active no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get!
At Winchester, our institution is predominantly female identifying, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate and promote all our incredible sports teams, players, and activities to all our students. We support this campaign because we positively acknowledge that women come in all shapes and sizes with all abilities from all backgrounds. No woman should ever be defined by their gender, ability, strength or in any other category for that matter.
The campaign week was a huge success, from free gym classes and weight workshops on offer, to disco HIIT sessions and a week jam packed of free sporting opportunities. We hope this week encouraged more females to take part in physical activity, and has gained the support of all of our student body.