Humans of Winchester

Humans of Winchester

A project to show the diverse range of students that make up our wonderful Winchester community


For Diversity Week 2021, we’re launching Humans of Winchester; a project inspired by Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York' & Portsmouth SU's #humansofportsmouth. We want to not only promote the diversity of students at Winchester but share who you are and tell your stories.

So we’re asking you - what is your story? What brought you to Winchester? Are you a care leaver, an international student, or a student from a military background? Maybe English isn’t your first language? Do you have to juggle raising your children with studying for your degree? Long or short, we want to hear what makes you, you, a Winchester student.

Tell us your story and about who you are at this link: We’d love to hear from as many students as we can. There is an option to remain completely anonymous.

We'll be sharing the Humans of Winchester across our social media channels throughout Diversity Week, but we’ll also be creating a library on our website which will remain for the long run.

Any questions, please do get in touch –

Humans of Winchester:

Case Study 1 - Ez Pavey

Case Study 2 - Jennifer Osborne

Case Study 3 - Maisie

Case Study 4 - Lucy Dixon

Case Study 5 - Michelle Schlichter

Case Study 6 - Ashley Storer-Smith

Case Study 7 - Dan Chevalier

Case Study 8 - Emily

Case Study 9 - Charlotte Baker

Case Study 10 - Celine Dehli Cleve