Tell us your name?  Lucy Dixon

What are your pronouns? She/Her

What course do you study, and what year are you? MA Philosophy of Education

Tell us your story.

Winchester was my first and only choice as it had the course I wanted to study (only two other universities did). I came here in 2017 and have loved it since! Definitely had my ups and downs, but I have engaged in so much, for example the Student Union as an Officer and a Student Ambassador for the University. I've met some amazing people - like who would have thought one of my closest friends would be Norwegian (who I have subsequently visited many times in Norway and we live together). Also friends who in turn have helped me realise who I am, helped me realise my sexuality - something I didn't think would happen before I started. I'm also so thankful for the course I chose as it has really helped cultivate what I want to do in my career.