Thinking about standing for election?

If you are interested in standing in our spring elections, then you might like to take a look at the nomination information below, as it contains a lot of the detail you will need to make your decision. In addition, any of the current student officers can answer any questions you might have or you can browse the resources available on our election information page.


Quick links:

Should I nominate myself?

Manifesto - What do I need to write on my nomination?

Nominations timetable - When can I nominate myself?

Candidate briefing - When do I find out the other candidates?

Campaigning - When can I promote my candidacy?

Voting - When can people vote?


You should be aware from the outset that standing for one of these elected positions should not be undertaken lightly. The role will look great on your CV, and yes you will develop and experience many new skills and attributes whist having some fun, but the roles do come with a great deal of responsibility and commitment. You will be entrusted with representing the views of all students at the University of Winchester; in the case of the full time Officer Trustees, you will also, alongside the other trustees, be legally responsible for the whole Union. You certainly should not let this put you off – just be aware of, and relish, the challenge!

There is of course lots of information online about what the Union & its officers currently do, and lots of other information which may be of use in your campaign if you decide to run. Additionally, you're more than welcome to speak to current officers and/or members of staff to find out more about what each role entails and what scope there is for developing Winchester Student Union. 

The roles that are being elected are defined in our Paper – Executive Officers: Role and Responsibilities

If you can't find what your looking for on our information page or would like to ask ask a question about elections then please email us at

If you're ready to nominate yourself, either follow this link or select 'your account/profile' at the top right of the page and then select 'My Nominations' from the side menu. You must be logged in with your '' email address to do this.

Nominations open on Friday 1st February at 9am and close at 2pm on Friday 22nd February; all nominations must be completed by this time to be eligible.

Please note that under our elections regulations you are not able to promote or campaign for votes until after nomination close and the campaign period begins (for the Spring elections 2019 campaigning is allowed from 9am Monday 25th February).



Nominate yourself and Write Manifesto:

When completing the online nomination you will need to write an election statement & a manifesto; the statement is a maximum of 25 words and should represent your core values i.e..

"A vote for Jane Doe is a vote for a calm, confident and considered candidate who will give a voice to your views"  – 23 words.

The manifesto should be a more detailed statement (max 500 words) outlining what your aims are and why people should vote for you. Try to be realistic with your manifesto promises, as you may be held to account if you are unable to deliver on your promises. It would be a good idea to research the Union and its activities before writing your manifesto.


You therefore have a combined word count of 525 words, no more than 25 on election statement & 500 on manifesto.

You will also need to upload a clear passport style photo of yourself too, so our members can put a name to a face. The ideal size for this is 320px high by 280px wide, although the site will stretch any image to fit.


Nominations Open

Friday 1st February 2019, 9am to Friday 22nd February 2019, 2pm: This is the first day that you can confirm your nomination. It is good to have an idea at this time of what position you want to stand for; we urge you in the strongest terms to speak to any member of the current Student Officer team to find out more about each role. All current officers are available during this time to talk about their roles or to answer any questions.

Candidates may not stand for or hold more than one elected Officer post. 


Candidates Briefing

Friday 22nd February, 6pm, SAB201: This is when you find out the rules and regulations of campaigning and are reminded of the voting process and when results will be announced. You can also ask any further questions you might have about the whole elections process.

It is essential that all candidates attend if possible, as if you break an election rule later that was explained in the briefing, it will still count against you.



Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March: This is when you sell yourself, go talk to students and get them interested in the elections and get them to vote for you. Be aware that there are 'exclusion zones' where campaigning isn't allowed and other ‘rules’ which you will be told at the briefing.

You cannot promote yourself as a candidate in anyway before campaigning begins. This means that no flyers, posters, items of clothing associated to a candidate’s campaign or other means of written or digital publicity can be displayed before this time. Formal electronic/social media sites dedicated to your election are also not permitted prior to this time.



Wednesday 27th February, 00:01am to Friday 1st March, 6pm: Voting is undertaken electronically via our website. So remind people to vote and make sure they know how to do it:



Friday 1st March, 9pm (approx.): Results will be announced in the Vault and will also be cast via Facebook live.