"Student Representation will be reflective of our diverse membership and active & effective from the classroom to the boardroom".


The Officer Championing this priority is the Vice President, Education & Welfare.



Our key targets for achieving this priority are:


1. 70% of our Student Academic Reps will have completed face to face or online training; all reps will have access to training resources. 
Green. Training of StARs has increased year on year, with 59% in 19/20, and 72% in 20/21, having received training from the Union on their role; self guided online training has been made available to all reps.
2. Student voice will be at the heart of our representation by implementing an accessible ‘your ideas’ process. 
Amber. Extensive research and trial of 'Unitu', a student voice app has been completed with the University. Union 'student voice' website module not yet deployed.
3. Our successful representation of students academic interests will be reflected in the positive opinion of our members when surveyed. 
Amber. NSS survey results place us as 21st of our target of 20+. The Union currently has a 72% agreement that the Union’s effectively represent members academic interests, against a target of 75%.
Green = Target achieved
Amber = Some progress made but target not yet achieved
Red = No progress yet made or target requires review