Cheerleading - Winchester Spirits

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The Winchester Spirits are The University of Winchester’s official Cheerleading team. We consist of two competitive teams. 'Co-ed Extreme' Level 2 squad which accommodates both boys and girls, and 'All-Girl Elite' consisting of our sassy female cheerleaders. Even though there are two separate levels within our society, we still consider ourselves as one team due to our support for each other.

We do everything together, from training, competing and celebrating our success. Not only that, but we also have competitive stunt group that trains in levels 1-4 of cheer. Every year, we attend national and regional competitions and have had considerably impressive success within the past couple of years.

But we are not all about training; we also reward ourselves weekly by meeting up for socials and having the time or our lives.

We also help raise money for our local charity, Naomi House, whom we have been working with for a considerable amount of time. 

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