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"If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it"

We are a network who are dedicated to bringing together Asians who are studying in Winchester, by embracing each other's culture.

As well as learning about each other, the network will enable us to connect due to our backgrounds with food, movies, music, language and games!


The Asian Students Network is designed to bring Winchester students who come from an Asian background together in safe and diverse space. The Network aims to connect students together through their various cultural backgrounds with a range of fun activities including: enjoying films, music, TV, dance and food.

The Network plans to host the following activities:

  • A Bollywood Night
  • Enjoying films and songs in languages other than English
  • An Asian Food Night, trying cultural foods from different Asian heritages
  • An Educational Night to learn about the different ethnicities that students come from
  • Asian cultural dance classes (e.g. bhangra)
  • Sharing your favourite Asian memes!

Whilst the Asian Student Network is open to all students interested in learning about different Asian heritages, the Network seeks to enable a community for Asian students at the University of Winchester – especially where they make up a small (but equally important) proportion of the student body. The Network ultimately seeks to acknowledge and represent the diversity at the university to make the university experience as great as it can be!


Skills gained:

  • Communication
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Confidence


Terms and conditions

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Where a sport/representational network/society has a competitive element or other external factors that affect the number of participants, your membership may be subject to criteria other than joining the group via this website. If this results in your membership not being able to accepted, you will be informed (with any relevant details) and your membership will be refunded.


Membership will not normally be refunded if you cease being a student, voluntarily end your membership or you are subject to disciplinary action that removes your membership status.