Anime and Manga Society (WAMS)

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The Manga and Anime Society is a group that meets twice a week to watch anime and discuss different topics and themes of the shows and their manga counterparts. It sounds a lot more serious than it is! Anyone is welcome to join and chill with us, you don't need to be a hardcore fan to be part of our group.


We Meet:

Monday 6pm - 9pm: Watching a series which members have voted on at the beginning of the semester.

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm: Variety day with many activities which can include discussing themes or playing games. There will also be occasional socials on this day.



Throughout the year we plan many socials which will include trips to Wagamamas and Yo! Sushi. We also, make the occasional outing to local Comic Cons!


Contact Us:


Facebook: UOW Anime & Manga Society


Or direct contact: and


Terms and conditions

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Where a sport or society has a competitive element or other external factors that affect the number of participants, your membership may be subject to criteria other than joining the group via this website. If this results in your membership not being able to accepted, you will be informed (with any relevant details) and your membership will be refunded.


Membership will not normally be refunded if you cease being a student, voluntarily end your membership or you are subject to disciplinary action that removes your membership status.


For any and all queries about membership please contact your chair/captain or email