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Friday 16-09-2016 - 08:00

Later today a new video will be released to welcome all the new Freshers to the fantastic fortnight ahead that awaits them. This is a little blog post summing up that information and a little more.

First, one big welcome new and returning students from your President! The message I want to get across to everyone is that Winchester is truly a great place to study. From the high standard of teaching to the beautiful surroundings and near-constant Student Union events, there is so much that will help you realise Winchester is for you. So what do you need to think about before and while you are here?

What to Bring

You are going to think you need to bring everything, including the kitchen sink. Don’t. You have limited space, especially in communal areas like the kitchen. Focus on the essentials, not fifteen pots, seven toothbrushes and three kettles. For this, try to discover over social media who you might be living with, so you can possibly coordinate some of the items to save space.

Bring toilet paper. Lots of toilet paper. Be prepared to either bond forever with your new BFF over lending them some of your supply, or fend of attacks to your stash from sneaky loo bandits.


When you get here on Arrivals weekend there will be an army of helpers waiting to assist you after you have collected your keys. IT assistance will be located there too, along with other help & advice in the Zone on main campus. We are all friendly and exceptionally willing, so don’t be afraid to come and ask for help. There will be green shirts – your twelve executive officers. There will be orange shirts – our Fresher’s Crew volunteers. There will be red shirts – Housing helpers. There are also a myriad of other coloured t-shirts that you can keep an eye out for, most of which can be seen the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ioAL67bNo.

What to do While You’re Here

The only place to be for a guaranteed fun time this Fresher’s Fortnight is your Student Union. We hold events during the day and night, from your first taste of Winchester’s biggest student night out BOP to the Big Fat Quiz, Silent Disco and Rave of Thrones. There are also other kinds of events available to suit all tastes, including workshops, welfare talks, evening lounges and Hodor from Game of Thrones!

Make sure you check out online for the latest events we are running. Only Fresher’s are allowed to buy tickets for the first week in advance, so you will be partying with everyone else who is just as new to Winchester as you.

I cannot wait to see you all back in Winchester for the fun and studious year ahead. Remember you can always pop by the Office on Lvl 3 of the University Centre, or send me an email, any time so we can answer whatever question you may have.

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