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Wednesday 30-08-2017 - 12:18
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My name is Alexander Mackintosh and I will be your Mature & Part-time students officer for the upcoming year. It is my job to ensure that views of mature and part time students are represented through what we do here at the student union. As your Mature & Part-time students officer, I would like to give a warm welcome to all new and returning mature and part time students from everyone at the student union. The University of Winchester is a great place to study and you have all made an excellent choice to study here. I would like to let you know what we have on offer for you when you arrive in September; in addition to the large number of events we have on offer throughout freshers’ fortnight, we also have a few events tailored just for you!

Back to Study Workshop

The Back to study workshop will take place on Tuesday 12th September and provides an opportunity for all first year undergraduate and postgraduate mature students to be reintroduced to higher education as well as informing you of the support and benefits of the university and Winchesters Student Union. The workshop will cover an introduction to HE, Skills Audit, Assessment Planning, Reading and Referencing and Reflective Practice. There will also be information given on mature student activities, benefits and support offered by the SU. For part of the day, the postgraduate students will be separated from the undergraduates for most focused activities. Mature students in the past have absolutely loved this workshop, for the tips, the resources and the social gathering. To book your place, please email academicskills@winchester.ac.uk.


Postgraduate and Mature Students Lounge

The mature students lounge will be returning this year during fresher’s week and we have also added a postgraduate lounge as well. This will be an opportunity to meet and socialise with other mature and postgraduate students as well as myself and other SU executive officers. As well as meeting others, this is also an opportunity to find out what your student union can do for you, as well as for us to find out how we can improve your student experience. Both lounges will take place on Thursday 21st September in the lounge. The Postgraduate Students Lounge will start at 3pm until 5pm and the Mature Students lounge will be from 5pm until 7pm. Tea, Coffee and Cake will be provided.


Mature Students Society

This year will also be the first year for the mature student’s society, a society which will allow mature students to come together as a unit to support each other with the various struggles that come with being a mature student. I will be acting chair of the society until we can have an election which anyone in the society will be eligible to run for. The aims for the society for the upcoming year is to ensure that everyone's needs are met and to attend various occasional socials together. These social will be regular and will probably occur once every two weeks at different venues such as pubs, restaurants and the terrace bar. In addition, there will also be some unique one-off socials such as a come dine with me, movie nights and cheese and wine evenings. The society will provide a space or platform for mature students to support each other as well as getting to know each other. It would be great to get as many members as possible to sign up at the fresher’s fayre, which takes place on the 23rd September.


Future Events

I have already spoken to many of you about possible events for the future targeted at, but not exclusively for mature students. I am currently trying to arrange a bake-off event and a hiking and survival day as well as the usual wine tasting evening that has proved very popular with mature students over the past few years. I am also open to new suggestions regarding events designed for you so if you have any ideas please do not hesitate to contact me. I am also open to new suggestions regarding events designed for you so if you have any ideas please do not hesitate to contact me.


Good Luck!!! 

Finally, I would like to wish the very best for when you start your studies here in September. I am very aware that for some of you it was a very hard decision given the struggles that come with being a mature or part time student especially juggling other commitments. I, along with all the members of your student union are here to help you and to represent you so if you need anything, big or small, or just a chat, please do contact me. Good luck to you all!


Alexander Mackintosh,

Mature & Part-time Students Officer, 2017-18

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