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Wednesday 29-07-2020 - 09:11
Freshers event blog post

Firstly, welcome to everyone joining us at Winchester in just 7 weeks time. We're so excited to be able to welcome you to our beautiful campus for this exciting new chapter in your lives.


We just wanted to take this opportunity to express caution when looking to book event tickets for Freshers and offer you a few pointers to ensure any tickets you purchase online are for the events you expected. A mixture of excitement and apprehension often means that Facebook groups are the first stop for prospective students, as it gives them the ability to connect with future flatmates and other applicants on their course. 


However, each year, promoters and organisations set up unofficial 'Freshers' groups (that aren’t endorsed or moderated by Winchester Student Union or University) students can sometimes run the risk of being misled into what they are actually parting with their money for. Sadly, each year we are contacted by students, having brought tickets for what they believe are events at the Student Union but once they arrival in Winchester, these events are offer hosted in different cities across the South Coast. We feel this is especially key during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


The only official events programme to welcome University of Winchester students is organised, run and hosted by you Student Union. We're hard at work planning to make sure we give you the best experience we can in September during these strange and difficult times, and can't wait to share it with you from the middle of August.


All updates will be advertised on the official Student Union social media accounts and our Official Winchester Freshers 2020 Facebook Group, which has over 3,000 students to engage with.


How can I tell whether something is unofficial or not linked to the Student Union or University? 

  • Was the event or group made by Winchester Student Union or the University of Winchester?
  • Does it have the Student Union or University logo?
  • Is the event or tickets for said event being advertised on our website (www.winchesterstudents.co.uk) or via our Student Union social media channels?
  • Check the location of events. Many unofficial events claiming to be Winchester events are actually not even held in Winchester but other cities across the South Coast. Take caution when an event location says: ‘TBC’!


Other things to consider during the current climate

  • As of writing (29/07/2020), there is no official guidance as to when nightclubs and venues can reopen. If someone is advertising an event, think about the legitimacy of this and whether it is even guaranteed to go ahead. 
  • Persistent claims that tickets are selling out fast also often a red flag.  Do not be pressured or panicked into purchasing tickets for events that are unlikely to be able to go ahead under Government guidelines.

Be advised by your Student Union

We only promote and advertise events that we know are safe for our students. Any other events not being held by the Student Union are unofficial and not endorsed by the Student Union or University of Winchester. We work continuously to ensure student safety not just in September but throughout the year, however it is harder for us look out for students when unofficial venues and events are involved. 

Beware of someone asking you for your data


Never give out personal data unless you are purchasing a ticket via a legitimate ticketing platform. Sometimes these groups can change name and purpose, having already attracted a large audience and their details. 

Finally, join our official student group or follow us on Social Media! 

Our online community for 2020-21 not only allows you to chat with other new students, but also be the first to hear about the official Freshers week events, ask questions to SU staff and Officers and find out about clubs, societies and all our other opportunities.

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