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Winchester student, Kate Mardon, shares her top tips and tricks for keeping active and maintaining mindfulness in self isolation:

The benefits of maintaining a daily workout is that it is good to keep you fit mentally and physically. Here are some ideas as to how you can use your time on your one outing of the day.

Yoga/Pilates - if you enjoy an active but also relaxing way to keep your body moving yoga or Pilates may be the one for you. While you're at home you can do these easily in your house or in the garden. Some good YouTube channels with routines on Yoga/Pilates include Blogilates and Yoga with Adriene. Blogilates has a 14-day quarantine workout plan.

Running – If you enjoy a daily run or want to use this time to start running the app the couch to 5K apps may be good to build yourself up or strengthen your running abilities.  Alternatively, you may enjoy running at your own pace and listening to music or a podcast.

Joe wicks workout – the internet sensation calling himself the nations P.E teacher is streaming a daily workout Monday – Friday live at 9AM on his YouTube channel. The videos then remain on his channel so you can go through them whenever you like. This is suitable for any age group and can help build up your body strength. (The Bodycoach)

University gym – The university gym provides some workouts for at home on their Instagram page. (@uowsports)

Walking your dog – If you are at your family home during quarantine and have a dog you could use your daily walk to take the dog out around where you live. Maybe alternate your route to give you somewhere new to walk around and explore.

Mindfulness ideas

Headspace app – the headspace app is great for meditation; it has a variety of meditation courses that you can carry out doing one session every day to keep yourself grounded. These include helping with stress and anxiety, sleeping and movement and healthy living meditations. It also has a ‘move mode’ which helps train your body and mind to strengthen your mental and physical well – being. You can access a two-week free trial to see if you like what the app has to offer.

Listening to music – listening to your favourite music may be a way for you to meditate depending on the type of music you like. There are also plenty of already created playlists setup on Spotify or on YouTube for you to look through surrounding meditation playlists.

Keep yourself busy – if you enjoy a schedule write to do lists for you to carry out tasks throughout the day and keep a routine to keep you motivated. A way you might be able to feel like you have a schedule is to get dressed when you wake up everyday.

These are some ideas of different ways of keeping active and mindfullness. You can use this time to rest, learn a new skill or maintain a routine. This will depend on the type of person you are and how you like to work your time. Always make sure you balance your time and don’t burn yourself out.

Stay positive and stay safe,


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