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Bored in self-iso? Winchester student, Renée, shares 20 things to do, to keep yourself busy while in isolation:

1. Colouring

To some, it may sound childish but adult colouring takes up a lot of time and contributes to increasing mindfulness. It’s simple, satisfying and relaxing!

2. Watch a film

Films are great and there are tons out there! Plow through the films you love and have always wanted to watch

3. Start a new series 

Binging a new series is a great way to pass the time when you’re bored and have something to be invested in.

4. Read Books

Enough said really… and if you don’t like reading books, you could always subscribe to a magazine or newsletter to do with something you’re interested in.

5. Exercise

I will soon release a page, ‘Renee’s bit on keeping fit’ which will have my workout tips and tricks and some easy, medium and hard workouts that I like!

I know it’s not always to keep motivated in times like this though, so try to wake up at a normal time or at least before 10/11am to workout even if it’s just a small one – this will give you something to wake up for.

6. Learn a Language

French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, Swahili, Japanese, German…. Need I go on? So many languages and so many programmes. There are even some free resources available online to help you do this or if you prefer, order a book to help you!

7. Create a Video

Vlog, TikTok, Dance video?

8. Learn/Play an Instrument

And if you can’t learn or play a physical instrument, your voice could work perfectly fine, or you could even teach yourself music theory.

9. Write Something

Music, poetry, a short-story, a novel, a script, a letter, a diary entry…..

10. Meditate

There are plenty on videos on YouTube that will teach you how… or you could just put on some relaxing music, close your eyes, clear you mind and meditate however you want!

11. Clean and Tidy

Hinch your house or even do some Marie Kondo-ing! Clear out your wardrobe and reorganise it…

12. Play Video Games


13. Make New Recipes

Food recipes, smoothie recipes, hot beverage or Alcoholic beverage (although I should say, please drink responsibly if you decide to do the last one)

14. Plant Something

15. Do Some Gardening

16. Try Makeup Looks

Try some new makeup looks from YouTube that you can show off when you’re next able to go out on the town!

17. Dress Up

Do your makeup and/or put on something that makes you feel good – it’s so important for your mental-wellbeing.

18. Call your friends/family

I understand that this can get boring after a while where you have little-to-nothing to talk about and you find yourselves just sitting on the other side of the screen in silence but spice it up a bit, have a dance party, play charades and using apps like Houseparty is great because you can play games with your friends or Netflix party where you can chat with friends while streaming the same show/movie on Netflix.

19. Try yoga/tai-chi/taekwondo/self-defence

The same concept as meditation and colouring. Mindfulness and mental wellbeing is so important during these unprecedented times and when you’ve done everything possible and are still bored, or feeling down these are great ways to feel better.

20. Play Games

Board games, puzzles, crosswords or sudoku…

Try to take a break from staring at screens for too long - Stay Positive and Stay Safe!

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