Student & Staff Recognition Awards 2020

Friday 12-06-2020 - 13:00
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The Student & Staff Recognition Awards 2020 took place recently in a virtual format, as we recognised the success and achievement across campus throughout the academic year. The slightly different format proved a huge success with over 70,000 views of the award videos recorded to date. 
List of winners :
StAR: Shani Smith
Sustainability: Steve Hallett
Student Fellow: Sam Jenkins
Campaign: Boys do Cry
Lecturer : Simon Rees
Student Staff: Lucy Dixon
RAG event: Run to Croatia
Activities zone champ: Daisy Deards & Charlotte West
Activity Group: Womens Football
Academic Impact: Sian Edwards
Student Life Awards: Nigel Gabriel
Student Experience: Brandon Robins
Programme : Event Management
Faculty: HWB
Overall Contribution: Jakaya Tanoh
VP award: Cicely Matthews
Pres award: Megan Selley
‘I am so lucky to be able to have a role where I can celebrate both students and staff alike for all their hard work and dedication this year. This year hasn’t been easy for anyone and this allows us to seek the positives and shout about our amazing members of this university- even if it was online!’
‘Being able to have this award ceremony online really has been a highlight, allow us to shine light onto these amazing people, all over the country. We always have been a community and that doesn’t stop when we’re physically apart.’
‘Both staff and students have overcome so much, in an academic sense and more this year. Myself, Megan and the whole of the Student Union are so proud of everyone nominated and cannot wait to continue this success and passion next academic year.’ Victoria Hurley, Vice President, Education & Welfare.

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