Monday 21-11-2016 - 20:27
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Hi there! We are Harry and Hannah – your President and Welfare Officer – and this week we’ll be talking about Playmates week.

So what is Playmates week? Well, much like other weeks throughout the year your Student Union holds a series of events and activities to raise awareness around a particular issue (or set of issues). After the success of Diversity Showcase and Go Green Week, we’re now doing one focused on welfare – especially mental health, drug & drink awareness, sexuality and consent as well as fighting prejudice.

One of the most noticeable parts of this week is a special set of videos we’ll be releasing around the #BoysDoCry campaign. Some of you will remember this from Harry’s call to arms last week ( This is at the core of what we are trying to strike at – looking after your mates. Or, to put it more simply…

Please Look After Your MATES WEEK

Geddit? Exactly. You’re on the right track. Now sit back down from excitedly yelling in whatever learning space/SU venue/zoo you happen to be reading this article in and read ahead.


Already we’ve had Free Yoga lessons in the Vault, Zumba in the PAS building and a memorable sponsored silence from Cole Walton.

No student-led week would be complete without a load of events and activities that everyone can get involved with. Below I’ve highlighted a few that you might be interested in, besides the stand (every day) in the Terrace Bar from 9am to 6pm manned by Student Listeners. For more information, please check out our twitter pages for more updates closer to the times advertised.

On Tuesday we have a Mental Health focus, looking closely at #BoysDoCry with a series of videos coming out. There is also a special round at the Quiz dedicated to this, so make sure you pop on down from 7pm with your team to get ready before it gets too full! Jess Cole will be carrying the sponsored silence baton for this day, so make sure you chase her down and donate.

Wednesday is centred on sexual health and consent. Free condoms will be given out at BOP, while Kayleigh Richter and Ellie Bennett are spending the day silent (including their stint at BOP!!!). The Student Listeners will be spending a great deal of time in the T Bar talking more about this double issue. Our favourite fool-proof guide to sexual consent can be found here:

Thursday is on drink and drug awareness. This is a subject close to us, as we’ve all seen friends and fellow students face troubling times as a result of addiction. We’re here to learn – let’s get educated on staying safe while having a good legal time. Sam Chivers and Tali Atvars are taking over the sponsored silence on this day.

Friday is going to round off the week with a theme of acceptance, coupled with the promotion of equality and fighting prejudice. We’re all as reliant on our friends to stand up on our behalf as they are on us, so let’s really show our peers we are there for them – accepting them for who they are. To celebrate this, there is a Wellbeing Fayre in the Vault from 11am-4pm, including the final sponsored silences of Joey Maley and Igor Ahmedov.

Some of you may have detected a theme of sponsored silences here. This is such a heavy focus this year as we want to highlight how staying silent on issues such as these is not only tough, but it can be really damaging to your health and wellbeing.