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This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek the theme for 2019 is Body Image - How we think and feel about our bodies. This is a topic that can affect any one of us at any stage in life. Our bodies do amazing things each day but all too often we can feel bad about the way we look.


Ellee Spencer-Boyce Vice President, Education shares her experience:

“I have always struggled with my body. Ever since I was 12, when a dance teacher commented that I may not be able to dance because I was bigger than the others, I have always compared what I look like to other women, whether that’s my sister, my best friend or a random girl on Instagram that I have never even met before.

I count myself so lucky that I am surrounded by so many beautiful friends. But it is a blessing and a curse. I constantly feel inadequate when I am around them. I shy away from any photo opportunities because I’m scared people will judge or comment why I am with them.

It is a weakness that I hate when others are able to exploit it.

Loving my body and myself is still something I struggle with today. But I have learnt that that is okay. Because at the end of the day I am no less valuable if I am a size 4 or size 14”.


Ellee has bravely shared her story in the hope that others will be encouraged to join in the conversation.

Don't suffer in silence: You can request to meet with a Student Listener by emailing

And remember, if you need urgent support:
Text SHOUT to 85258 or visit the Shout website to find out more
Instant message Nightline 6pm-8am during term time, visit
Call the Samaritans 24/7 for free on 116 123
Book an appointment with your GP or call 111 for out-of-hours NHS advice


How could you get involved in helping to promote body positivity this week?


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