How to Get an 'Effing Job Week - WOW!

Tuesday 31-01-2017 - 12:49

Hi! My name is Harry Sampson and I’m your Student Union President. Today I’m chatting about a peculiar concept called ‘employability’. I’m going to tell you how you can try to find it, eventually capture it and keep it hanging in a rusty cage in your bedroom.

To start, I should probably apologise for the interesting title we gave to this article.

But I won’t.

“Why?” I don’t hear you cry (because this is a written article, in case you didn’t know). Well, because it has drawn your attention to the actually very vital information contained just a few sentences below my introductory ramblings. Seriously though, most of us don’t really think of our employability skills until the dusk of our final year – and this can be very damaging to your future.

WOW – Winchester Opportunities Week – is on right now. This is a great week which aims to enhance your employability. It began yesterday, and continues today and for the remainder of the week in spectacular fashion.

There is everything from sector-specific workshops and a ’10 Top Tips’ Series, all the way to application skills taught in just 20 minute sessions! Speedy and effective – much like the frequent brush of everyday student life.

The big one to look out for it the WOW Fair. It will be taking place in the Food Hall from 2pm-4pm. Students will have the chance to see and engage with a wide range of fantastic employability-related opportunities available to them whilst at University.

However, this is not just a week for Undergrads! This entire week focuses on your future – so why not consider doing a Postgraduate course at Winchester? Anyone is able to come along to the Postgraduate Open Evening on Wednesday 1st February, starting at 6pm and finishing at 8pm.

The link is here:

Let’s boost your degree – I look forward to seeing you all there!

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