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Friday 01-09-2017 - 13:33
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My name is Daniele Giordino and I will be your International Students Officer for the upcoming
year. My duty is to ensure representation and support to all our international and EU students. I
am proud to welcome all the new and returning students. I am sure you will all have a great
experience at the University of Winchester and even though your first weeks might be challenging
we will be there for you, in order to make this a life changing experience. Living abroad might be
overwhelming at first, but the Student Union is ready to offer a variety of activities and services
that will surely help you to feel at ease during your stay at the University of Winchester.

International Students Lounge

In order to help you familiarize with the new environment and to meet new friends we will be
offering again on September 26th from 8:00 pm until 11:00pm the International Students Lounge.
It is an incredible opportunity to meet other international, EU and home students. There will also
be some committee members from the International Society, myself included. Furthermore, it will
be a great chance to discover events and activities that the Student Union and the International
Society have created for you! The above mentioned events are not exclusively organized for
international students, in fact we warmly recommend home students to take part. The more we
will participate, the more we will have fun.

International Society

The International Society is an extremely important tool that all international, EU and home
students can use in order to meet and socialize with other peers. In addition to that, whenever you
feel the need to, the International Society will help you coping with any issues that you might face
at any time. What else could you expect? The International Society offers a wide range of socials,
which vary from a simple movie night to an amazing BOP or a fun pub night. You can propose
different events and get involved in the running of the society too! Would not it be amazing to
explore the UK with your new friends while studying abroad? This is surely possible, because
there are unforgettable trips planned for you. Come and join us at our first social in order to know
more about it! You can find us on Facebook by searching International Society 2017/2018 -
University of Winchester or follow us on Twitter @uowintlsociety.

Diversity Showcase

Come and show what makes you unique! Differences are celebrated as a way to enrich the
University and the Student Union that’s why we decided to create an event where all the students
have an opportunity to show how different and unique they are, starting from International and EU
students, LGBTQ+, and many more. We believe diversities are empowering, so do not be shy and
join us. Make sure to follow the Student Union on Facebook and Twitter, in order to get updated
on this upcoming event because it is only organized once a year.

Future Events

In case you feel like we have missed evaluable ideas for any activities or events that you would
like us to organize for you, do not hesitate to contact me and I will try my best to fulfill your
wishes. Of course we are open for suggestions, critiques and feedbacks and we do encourage
you to speak your mind.

Good Luck

Finally, I can assure you that the decision of undertaking your academic education abroad is a life
changing one. I wish you will be able to exploit this opportunity to the fullest, since it will enrich
you both on a personal and academical level. Remember that, during this journey, you will not be
left alone and, as I said during my campaign, “Together we stand, divided we fall”.
Welcome to Winchester! Benvenuti a Winchester! Bienvenu à Winchester! Willkommen in
Winchester! Bienvenidos a Winchester! Velkommen til Winchester! Huanying laidao Winchester!

Daniele Giordino,

International Students Officer, 2017-2018

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