Goodbye and Good Luck!

Friday 30-06-2017 - 10:49

What a Year!

There’s been a great turnout at our wonderful selection of events, impressive uptake in our SU campaigns covering a variety of topics from mental health to community engagement as well as some big victories won on behalf of the student body.

Who could forget the ever-fantastic Fresher’s Fortnight? Whether it was your first or last none of us can deny it was a whirlwind of activities that left us all exhausted by the end of those two lovely weeks!

Today may be last day representing you for this Exec Team, but do not forget there is a brand spanking new team about to take office. Your Student Union will be there throughout your studies to provide you with the opportunities to air grievances, get involved in great activities and contribute to a better world. We’ll always be here for you. Your new sabbatical officers Tali, Rosie and Jordan will be working hard every day to represent you – make sure you pop on in and show them a cause to fight for.

On my part I have greatly enjoyed this past year and those before it doing all I can for your student experience. There have been the usual highs; seeing so many of you engage in our campaigns, and the usual lows (filling out the security logbook on a Thursday morning!). But throughout it all I have marvelled at the ability of the student body to forever amaze me with their energy and perseverance to not only have a good time, but to do the most for their own personal development.

I know I speak on behalf of your 2016/17 Exec team (and those from previous years!) when I say we wish you all well. You are Winchester students; you have come to an inclusive and values-driven institution that truly wants to make you shine as individuals. Make the work others put in to drive you towards success matter. Remember the lessons you have learned here and use it as a guiding light for your future, whatever it may hold.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all those who have laboured on behalf of your student experience. These past years I have had the pleasure of working with our great Student Union Staff, who receive nowhere near enough praise for their great work. Maria Moxey, Andy Hodgson, Paul Anscombe, Ben Bishop, Lorette keys, Jenny Gaute, Briony Appletree, James Hudson,  Freya Bullard, Michael Yeates and the many, many, great staff over the past years who have worked hard on the ground to enhance your time here at Winchester.

Thanks for their great work should also go to our Exec Team this year; Jordan, Samuel, Ellie, Igor, Tali, Kayleigh, Jess, Riley, Joey, Cole and Hannah. Every single person this year has something they should be proud of.

I must also extend a great big thank you to the University staff here at Winchester. They work hard to give you interesting learning experiences and to make this place unique for you. It has been a pleasure working with them this year on a variety of issues.

Lastly, thanks to all of you! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many students during my time here, and I wish you all the best in whatever endeavours you pursue.

Now, I’ve never pretended to be anything other than a fairly blunt and straight-talking person. If I’ve had something on my mind, I’ve said it. So I should probably leave one last piece of advice for you to make of as you wish:

Life is terrible, life is awful, life is good and life is kind. Our lives are what we, and not anyone else, make of it. We are all the protagonists of our own stories and we all have dreams. It takes the bravery of one second to make a choice that can change your life; get involved and make this world a better place.

Get off your bloody arse and go do something about it.

I challenge you to build on the work we have started and to make it bigger and better than ever before! You have the license to make Winchester whatever you want it to be. Goodbye and good luck – I wish you all the best for the future and hope you will all achieve your dreams.


Signing off for the last time,

Harry Sampson

President (2016/17)


P.S. I’m going to miss you all. Don’t be strangers.

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