End of Year Update: Olivia Rooke

Friday 26-06-2020 - 10:27
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Today we hear from Student Officer Olivia Rooke. Check back tomorrow for our final Student Officer update before your Sabbatical Officer End of Year Updates!

I am going to be completely honest, when I pictured my final two semesters at university this was not exactly what I expected, and I am sure the feeling is mutual across the whole student body. 

The current climate of the world at the moment is, for want of a better word, chaotic to say the least. 

It would be easy to reflect upon the past couple of crazy months and how for many students, including myself, we saw an abrupt end to the academic year. For some students they saw the end of their first year in Winchester and for others their opportunity to say goodbye and celebrate all their years of hard work. But before what ultimately threw a spanner into the works there was still so much that I was able to be involved in as a Student Officer.

Of course, I had the best time running the ever-popular Big Fat Quizzes with my fellow officer Lucy, only slightly broken hearted by it ending. I also was highly involved throughout the Election Week supporting my close friends in their campaigns and honestly getting some hardcore nostalgia for my own campaign the year before. On that note I wish the new Student Officers coming into office the best of luck and of course wish Meg, Vic and Ellen all the best and know they are going to smash another year in office. 

Ultimately, despite what has been interrupted by Covid-19, I think it has proved to a lot of students, and myself, what they can achieve when normality is turned on its head and I believe that it is something we should all be proud off. Sure, I didn’t expect to be finishing my degree this way but it’s led to some great weekly themed quiz nights with my course mates and has highlighted for a lot of people the ability to come together and ensure we are all connected when times are hard. 

So unfortunately for now this is goodbye to my time at the University of Winchester and to Winchester Student Union. While it is a bittersweet goodbye, I have enjoyed every second and feel so lucky to have been able to achieve what I did in my time not only as a Student Officer but as a part of the community of Winchester. 

Make sure you stay safe and to everyone heading back to Winchester in September I wish you all luck and the best for the new academic year.


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