End of Year Update: Megan Selley

Saturday 27-06-2020 - 21:12
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Our final Student Officer End of Year Update comes from Megan Selley… Check back for the last 3 days of June to hear from our Sabbatical Officers!

Hello, hope everyone is staying safe in this uncertain time. As part of my role as Student Officer, we are required write semesterly reports on what we have been working on to share with the students. So, here is my Semester Two update!

At the end of Semester One, I do not think any of us could have predicted the journey that Semester Two would take us on. Despite all the upcoming uncertainty, I was excited for our work to continue progressing throughout the new semester.

I attended various different meetings and events that covered a whole matter of subjects. Yet, personally the focus for me was to continue the work I had be doing concerning the environment.

As previously mentioned in my update from last semester the Student Union were working in collaboration with the University to plan a week full of activities to allow students at Winchester think more environmentally friendly about their actions. Therefore, in Semester Two for ‘Go Green week’ I continued to help with the planning and timetable for the week as well as helping run two events.

For example, Lucy Dixon (another Student Officer) and I completed the first ever BOP Swap. The premise of the event was to complete a clothes swap but with BOP costumes. Despite it not being well attended we brainstormed ways to make it a more successful opportunity for students to engage with in the future. Also, I am pleased that the new Student Officers 20/21 would like to continue the event to make students at Winchester more environmentally conscious when it comes to BOP. Another event was an upcycling workshop to encourage students to upcycle their clothes instead of buying new.

Whilst this year did not end the way I initially expected, it has made me consciously reflect on the work that happens at Winchester Student Union and reinforced the importance of representing the student voice through these times of uncertainty. My year as a Student Officer has been an amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to see all the positive changes to come over the next year with the new Student Officers alongside the Sabbatical Officers.

Megan Selley

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