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Wednesday 12-10-2016 - 17:51

Hi there! My name is Harry Sampson and I am your friendly neighbourhood President. Today we’ll be talking about a great opportunity for students to gain valuable employability skills.

Student Panel member drop in’s this Thursday, 11am! Come along to HJB 305 and find out more about this interesting area to get involved in.

DROP IN: Thursday 13th October 11am-1pm HJB 305.


What is it?

This is a chance to gain experience of a formal University process which will strengthen and enhance your employability skills, as well as your CV.

You will be part of a panel, along with various University staff members, that reviews and questions (re)validation documents. Programmes must be validated before they can be taught, and must also be revalidated after a certain amount of time has passed. There is a document outlining the programme, its assessments and feedback from the student body provided, as well as the opportunity to question academic staff over the programme and its aims.

A key part of this is the student perspective – which is where you come in!

You will be required to read the (re)validation document and submit comments at least a week before the panel meets, then attend and contribute actively on the panel. It will then be the choice of the panel to approve the (re)validation.

There are training sessions, one-to-one support and on-going assistance throughout your progression as a Student panel member. You will also be paid for being a Student panel member, which equates at roughly £125 for ten hours work.



To be a Student panel member you must be a current University of Winchester Student studying in year 2 or above. You cannot (re)validate programmes in your home faculty, so don’t expect to be seeing your lecturers there!

You are unable to be members of a (re)validation panel if you are undergoing disciplinary proceedings.


Personal Experience

This is a scheme I participated in for the past two years whilst studying at Winchester, and I’ve got to say it is one of the most interesting in terms of gaining key employability skills. I didn’t join in for the payment, though it certainly helped me get by alongside my studies.

Actually getting the chance to look at other courses, including new innovative ones looking for initial validation, provided a great perspective. I’ve been on panels for Liberal Arts, Theatre for Children & Young People, Creative Writing and others – very good for a Business Management student like me! This encouraged me to get more involved in feedback sessions on my own course, not to mention engaging with this formal University process means I began understanding their systems a lot more too.

This also goes on your HEAR, which is great for employability, not to mention the transferable skills you gain from actually being a Student panel member. I think it is certainly a great experience to commit to during your University career, plus of course the interesting situation of questioning academic staff!

For more information, please email studentpanelmembers@winchester.ac.uk, but make sure you pop on by for the Drop-In session in HJB 305 on 13/11/2016.

See you there!

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