Chilly's Bottles: Re-usable, not disposable

Monday 10-06-2019 - 11:58

Single-use products such as plastic bags, plastic straws and water bottles are not only difficult to recycle, they can degrade into toxic particles which are harmful to our planet. By not making a drastic move towards more environmentally sustainable products, we are risking the pollution of our oceans and the contamination of our food chain.

Re-usable water bottles are one of the best ways to become more eco-friendly, Here at the Student Union Shop, we currently stock a wide range of Chilly’s Bottles. We chose Chilly’s over a number of other brands as they offer several stylish designs and they have the added benefits of a standard flask (being BPA free, leak-proof and keeping your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours). There is a design for everyone as you can choose from floral, pastel, matte, tropical, neon, monochrome or trendy Emma Bridgewater patterns.

We understand that caring about the environment and being a student can be financially challenging. However, a Chilly’s Bottle is a bottle for a lifetime if it is well looked after. The average person uses 150 single-use water bottles per year. By adopting a re-usable water bottle, you would not only help save our oceans but you could potentially save up to £100 per year. (Statistics from Water UK and based on 65p per bottle). Furthermore, to help with the initial cost of purchasing a Chilly’s Bottle, we have elected to sell them at a significantly reduced price, offering savings of up to 40% on some bottles.

260ml Bottles - £12 (RRP up to £20)

500ml Bottles - £17 (RRP up to £25)

750ml Bottles - £22 (RRP up to £30)

1.8 Ltr Bottle- £25 (RRP £35)

Re-usable Straw & Cleaner - £4 (RRP £5)

On campus, you can refill your re-usable water bottle at The Terrace Bar or there are currently 15 water fountains which are free to use at various locations around the University (see the diagram at the bottom of this page to find out where you can refill your water bottle).

If you are graduating this year, you can currently pre-order an exclusive University of Winchester Branded, Class of 2019 Chilly’s Bottle in 3 colours, purple, black or coral. Follow the link below to the Winchester Student Union Online Shop.

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