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One day without us square

A campus without diversity is not a campus I want to be part of. In recent times it seems only fitting that a phrase such at this be echoed across our University.

My name is Jordan Rudge, your Vice President, Activities for 2016/17; and I can say with confidence that I speak on behalf of your entire Student Union Executive Team when I say that that we support and encourage diversity in all its forms.

On Monday 20th February 2017, students across the country will come together for a day of national action to celebrate the tremendous contribution of migrants to our classrooms, our campuses, and to our country. This campaign coincides with both the UN World Day of Social Justice, as well as the scheduled Parliamentary debate regarding President Trump’s state visit to the UK. According to NUS statistics, international students make up a huge percentage of our higher educational system (20% to be precise) and have done for centuries. This means years of your course mates, housemates, teammates, and just mates in general hailing from all corners of the globe, and if that isn’t something to celebrate then I don’t know what is.

So How Can You Help?

Here at Winchester Student Union, we want to get involved with this celebration of inclusion and diversity by showing our support to international students, here and across the country. On Monday, we will be handing out ‘postcards’ promoting #1DayWithoutUs along with a message to our local MP. This highlights both our support for our international and migrant student community, along with our distain for any and all discriminatory agendas; both international and closer to home. So grab a postcard, print and sign your name and hand it back to the SU team to be posted. Show your support and get your voice heard!

You can also get involved with our campaign via social media using #1DayWithoutUs

To follow the national campaign on Monday you can visit the following website - http://www.1daywithoutus.org


Thank you! 


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