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There are a total of 7 candidates standing for the position of Student Officer - those being:












Making sure that everyone is represented, creating an all-inclusive Student Union, making Winchester University a better place to study and seeing every student living their best life is what brings joy to my heart. #YOLO 

My name is Iphithule Mabhena (Gwaza) a second year student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Voting for me will be in your interest because for the past year I have been listening to your needs and I am ready to step up  and deliver. First and foremost I will have to look into having an all inclusive genre of music at BOP. I will also make sure that every Wednesday Cyber Italia will be opened for at least an hour after Bob finishes.

Eradicating racism that so many of us do not think exists in our campus. I want to create spaces for BAME, making sure that their voices are recognised in our campus and I hope such spaces become platforms for mobilising change. 

Having events for students to empathise with others and share their experiences.






Election Statement:

A vote for Charis McCobb is a vote for a louder student academic voice and more effective student support.


This last year, I have had the privilege of being elected a Deputy Chair Student Academic Representative (StAR). This has allowed me to gain a fuller understanding of the inner workings of the Student Union in relation to academic representation. The steps that have already been made towards a more effective academic student voice is incredible, but I believe there is still more that can be done. From experience, I am aware that many students feel unable to share feedback about their course for fear of reprisals. If I am elected, I would strive to encourage students to speak up through working alongside the Vice-President of Education and Welfare to run workshops. These workshops would teach students how to give effective opinions and feedback to their respective StARs. This would enable improvements to the work of StARs as more students would be willing to give opinions. Therefore, there would be more student-led changes to courses. Being a StAR can be a difficult but rewarding position, and I believe that the Student Union should do everything they can to support them and the work they do. Part of this includes working to help other students understand how they can best help their StARs. If I am elected, I would help StARs to communicate with their coursemates, in order to make the work they do clearer.

Another issue that is close to my heart is student welfare and wellbeing. Many students have spoken to me about their difficulties with mental health, and what they think the Student Union could do to better support them. I am aware that the Student Union already do so much for us as students, and it would be impossible to not recognise that. This year, the Student Union have introduced the Advice Centre, which is a massive step in the right direction. If I am elected I would advocate for student drop-in sessions to be organised alongside the Advice Centre. When possible, these drop-in sessions would be attended by professionals from organisations that specialise in mental health. Student Services can often be so busy that they do not have time to see all students. This change would allow for more oppurtunities for students to talk about any mental helath difficulties. I know that for some students, the Student Recharge Days are one of the highlights of their semesters, and it is such a benefit to be able to recharge. However, I believe that more could be done throughout the rest of the year. Having a couple of days dedicated to recharging is incredible, but by spreading a couple of recharge events throughout the rest of the term, students wouldn't need to rely on one day. These events would be similar to the recharge days, but just a single event in order to allow students a small break.

If you want an advocate for student voice and student welfare, then a vote for me is a step in the right direction.





Hi, my name is Julia Mong, a first year Anthropology and Archaeology student, and I’m running for the position of Student officer for Winchester Student Union. The Student Union is a big part of making your time as a student as fulfilling and comfortable as possible, and I wish to support our unions belief in democracy, communication and representation for all students. I am part of the union as a Student Academic Rep (StAR) for my course, and additionally the chair of my SSLC. Through this, and earlier work experience, I have grown to become a confident, outspoken and approachable person, and I am passionate about using my voice to speak up for those who, for any reason, can’t or won’t use their own. 


If elected, I would aim to:

  • Make every student voice heard. Winchester has a very diverse student body. My goal would be for any and all students to feel as though their voice matters, whether they be part-time, international (like myself), BAME, LGBTQ+, mature, commuting or disabled. One example of this would include promoting voting in Student Union elections to help choose their representatives, and furthermore secure proper training for elected officers. I would also encourage students to become StARs, give positive and negative feedback to their StARs, keep an open dialogue with the union and simply get involved through sports/societies/networks. 


  • Further develop support systems within the university. University can be both fun and exciting but can also be overwhelming and a potential shock to the system. In 2017, I was in that position; I moved to Winchester from Norway to start university yet ended up not being ready for the commitment and change. This led to me terminating my studies and moving back. At the time, I didn’t know where to go/who to speak to – or even if there was any support/advice available to students. I want to ensure students know where to go for advice, whether that be assisting termination of studies, counselling or academic struggles – it is important that students feel comfortable being at University. I wish to have the information readily available to the students that may need it through pamphlets, possible group meetings, and also working closely with other parts of the university to ensure support in all aspects of our students’ studies. 


  • Bring the university’s focus of sustainability to the students’ lifestyles. While Winchester university is doing their part in sustainability awareness and focus on environmental issues, I think we need to apply the aspect of sustainability to our students.In the flurry of university life, it can be easy to forget about your own personal health and promoting a healthy lifestyle that will sustain the students throughout all three years of study is essential in keeping them engaged and motivated. Focusing on healthy habits when it comes to food/cooking, sleep and staying active is important to feel and perform your absolute best, and this is something we need to communicate to and educate our students on. 


A vote for Julia Mong is a vote for a passionate, positive and confident candidate, who is ready to speak up for all students.





I'm Princewill Obih, first-year student of criminology aim to leave my name as a footprint in the heart of every student at the University of Winchester whereby assisting them in all little way I can to make their stay at the uni a success and fun. I am determined, committed and will always endeavour to get the best results possible during my stay. Will ensure that all campuses are represented equally. I will visit all campuses in order to assemble the points of view of all student parties.

 To increase more student feedback in order to provide a service more tailored to what students want, through drop-in sessions, suggestion boxes, email surveys and face-to-face contact.

 To increase Postgraduate, International, Mature and LGBT student participation and awareness. To do so I will improve communications between those student bodies and the union.

Why Vote For Me

I already have a wealth of experience of working for the union, and I have your interests at heart. With your voices behind me, I can use the knowledge I have gained from the workings of the RSU to best represent and implement your ideas. So if you like what I hope to achieve, I would be most appreciative of your support!aim to be a student officer who will have a positive influence and positive representation of students in order to maintain and strengthen the voice of the student.’ have ideas that, if elected, I will endeavour to achieve. I have condensed these ideas into four succinct areas:


Equality of all students(LGTB), student with disabilities, to fight against discrimination


To make myself more accountable to students by allowing opportunities to question and contribute to matters that affect YOU


To be a strong representative who represents student interests at high-level meetings

To maintain and strengthen the student voice by working with other student officers 


to improved good Form of representation with the heart of the student at hand





Vote for Silas Russell to champion your academic rights and inclusivity, deliver support to those with part-time jobs and mental health issues, and represent commuters. 


My name is Silas Russell and I am running for the election of Student Officer.




  • I am a second-year Global History and Politics student.

  • I have been passionately representing my student cohort for nearly two years as a StAR (Student Academic Representative).

  • I am elected Head of Current Affairs and committee member of the Sound Radio society.





The Student Union is all about empowering you by representing your educational rights and welfare needs. 


I propose to:

  • Hold senior management to account and champion your academic rights: if issues raised by StARs are impossible to resolve at SSLC meetings, I will encourage students to contact me so that these issues can be represented at a higher level at Student Academic Council meetings.

  • Advocate engagement with the Student Senate: I will publish handouts and posters to encourage voting at elections. The more students engage with the SU, the stronger its voice becomes. 

  • Be available to meet: each fortnight, I will make myself available to listen to your questions, queries and ideas. 

  • Utilise social media: I will frequently encourage student input though polls and surveys.



I, like many others, have needed a part-time job to cover living costs. While it is great experience, the increased workload can become difficult to manage for some. 


I therefore propose to:

  • Create time management resources that would be free to collect from the SU Offices to help people reach their potential. I aspire for workshops to be organised with professionals to give specialist guidance and financial advice to help reduce anxiety and incurred stress from busy schedules.

  • Publish advice around campus and social media to give people support.

  • Increase representation and awareness at higher levels, so that students coping with heavy workloads are recognised.



As someone who has been affected by mental health issues, I am devoted to continuing the SU’s great work. It is also essential that the SU helps students feel involved in a community.


I therefore propose:

  • An introduction of a scheme similar to ‘Chatty Café’ to help reduce loneliness and social isolation.

  • Raised levels of mental health advice to give direction to students affected.

  • Greater promotion of Refreshers Fayre to give more people the more opportunities to get involved in societies.



As a commuter myself and considering there are so many of us at university, we deserve our voices to be heard.

  • I will liaise with the Travel Team with the intention of giving commuters the best support with improved travel options. 

  • I will campaign for consistent Reading Weeks on dual-subject courses.



  • I will post monthly updates on social media and will make myself available to meet fortnightly. You deserve to know what I and the SU are doing for you. 


If you would like to meet or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


I hope I can count on your vote


Silas Russell












Election statement:


A vote for Louise is a vote for change!




Hi, I’m Louise and I’m a second year Media and Communications student. I love Winchester, and nothing would thrill me more than to be your next Student Officer. Our SU is the heart of the university, and does so many amazing things, but stuff can always be improved! Here are reasons you should vote for me to become your next Student Officer:


  • Student discounts on bus routes, the prices of the buses in Winchester are extremely high, and with us all being on a student budget, I would endeavour to start a conversation with the bus companies about starting student discount on travel and propose a bus route from the university. Save our thighs from walking up all those hills!

  • Free STI and drug testing kits. Our SU this academic year has started giving out free tampons, pregnancy tests and condoms, why not expand that to make sure the students are being safe from harmful drugs and STIs?

  • The environment, we have taken steps as a university to help the environment, but can we do more? I propose a water refill scheme, fill your water bottle 20 times from the Terrace bar, collect stamps and get a free soft drink! There’s no excuse for plastic water bottles anymore.

  • Milk, bread and fruit available in the SU shop, a lot of students would like to use the shop more frequently, but as they don’t do these basics, students are going elsewhere.

  • Conversation started with the SU shop about possibly bringing prices down on certain items, making it more affordable will increase how many people use it which equals happy students! They’re doing great work with deals currently, but more could be done with individual and healthier items.

  • Improving the diversity and acknowledgment of societies, making them as big as sport. Great steps have been taken with Society of the Week and the Volunteering Awards, but more could be done. Sports have Winton, societies should have an event as well!


I am a hard worker and have got heavily involved with the university since first year. I am a Student Representative for my course, and also a Student Ambassador. I have also been a part of the award winning Sound Radio society and studied abroad last semester in America. I will always give everything my best shot and I’m a real team player. A crazy fact about me is that Snape (Alan Rickman) used to be my neighbour! A vote for me is a vote for change!



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If you wish to cast a vote, but do not want to vote for any of the other remaining candidates for this position, then you can express your desire to reopen the nominations process.If any position is not filled by a candidate, but instead Reopen nominations is declared the winner, there will be a fresh opportunity for candidates to be nominated and the election for the position in question to be re-run.