Candidates for Vice President, Education & Welfare

There are a total of 3 candidates standing for the position of Vice President, Education & Welfare - those being:



Voting for Lucy Dixon is a vote for a highly motivated and personable candidate who will empower and represent the WHOLE student body.


Hello! My name is Lucy, currently a third year Education Studies and Drama student and I am running for the sabbatical position of Vice President, Education and Welfare. This role has the responsibility to represent the students as learners, as well as focusing on, and ensuring, the wellbeing of every member of the Union. My intention to run is driven by a belief that I can truly represent every student with their education and welfare. Not only that, but I whole-heartedly support what the Student Union represents, this being: educational development, representation, social opportunities and welfare. 


I consider myself to be significantly invested with the Student Union, as not only am I a Student Academic Rep (StAR) for my course, but I chaired the Feminist Society last year and am on the current committee for Judo. On top of this, I have also been one of your elected Student Officers for this academic year.  


Students pay a large sum to attain a degree; it is only right that your Union holds the University accountable when you do not feel that you are either being represented or listened to. Nothing would give me a greater sense of achievement than for the student body to feel empowered and I feel confident that I will continue the work which ensures students feel that they are respected and heard. 


If elected, I would focus on the following: 


  • Education

    • Continue to build upon and further the Self Certification policy (which is currently in progress), focusing on and reviewing the University conditions of the 40% cap on resubmissions. 

    • Encourage better communications from each faculty, so information to all students is consistent, coherent and equal. I would achieve this by having a consistent physical presence on campus – this will be achieved by going into lectures throughout the year. I would also want to liaise with who the students interact with the most – lecturers and program leaders – to ensure you are getting the most out of your education.


  • Welfare

    • Welfare is incredibly important for students and therefore crucial for them to know where to go if they need help. Often, Student Services are either too full or cannot fully solve a query. Therefore, I am aiming to expand and continue to advertise the advice centre, as it has proved useful and popular.

    • Provide welfare events that focus on final year students and provide them support during their most stressful times of the year, and around the time they will be leaving – welfare for leaving students sometimes goes unnoticed, it’s time this changed.

    • Ensure that specific student demographics, who are not always represented, are catered for and make sure they feel their welfare needs are being met.


  • Environment

    • Ensure services within the Union (as well as the administration) are as sustainable as possible.  

    • Run workshops events: BOP Swap, recycling information, upcycling clothes etc.

    • Work with the University to minimise the use of single use plastic where we can within the union.  






“Fighting for a Student Union that cares, supports and empowers students, Vote Vic for your Vice President, Education & Welfare.”

As your Vice President, Education & Welfare I have spent every day fighting for you and ensuring that your voice, education and well-being is at the centre of every decision made. Representing you has been a dream and I would love to be able to continue the fight, supporting and empowering our students to stand up for what is right.

Over the last 8 months, I have been driven to improve both the Education & Welfare Zones in the Union. However, the fight is not over. There are so many areas of which we need to improve and develop to ensure the best possible student experience.


  1. Run a ‘prep for life after Uni’ scheme.
    -Collaborate with external companies (Banks & Wellbeing practitioners etc) to ensure that we are doing the best possible job of preparing and enabling our students to leave University.

  2. Assessment Choices.
    -Lobby and work with the University to establish academic systems so that all our students can excel in their assignments by having the choice over their studies.

  3. Work with the StARs assistant to increase representation.
    -Establish a practical working relationship with the StARs assistant to deliver an improved, more efficient system for the Student Academic Representation scheme.

  4. Ensure that there are accessible facilities for students in Study Areas.
    -Work with the Library, Student Services etc. to provide easy and accessible information for students in their study spaces e.g. study rooms in the library.

  5. Dissertation wellbeing initiatives.
    - Having wellbeing & academic support easily accessible for students writing and handing in dissertations.



  1. Student Union event staff to have mental wellbeing training.
    -Building upon SU staff training that has been increased this year, by having event staff trained in mental welfare for students to ensure their safety.

  2. STI health care from professionals around in Freshers Week.
    -Being educated and having this service is essential for all students, and by securing this will allow progression of this service throughout the year in future.

  3. Sustainable alternatives to keep tackling Period Poverty.
    -One of my main focuses this year was tackling Period Poverty by offering free sanitary products to all students. I will develop this campaign by securing sustainable and plastic free alternatives to tackle this crisis.

  4. Work and meet with Residential Assistants & Security to audit & monitor onsite accommodation 
    -One of the areas this role covers is Housing Conditions and I believe that by working with the relevant departments around University to ensure the safety and appropriate living conditions for students.

  5. Represent all by ensuring that lecture rooms are accessible for ALL students with physical and invisible disabilities.
    -Audit and develop the accessibility of all lecture rooms for the student body.

It’s been a privilege to be your Vice President, Education & Welfare but over the next year I want to build a Student Union that you can be proud of and rely on whenever you need it. #VoteVicForVP



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