Candidates for NUS Conference Delegate

There are a total of 2 candidates standing for the position of NUS Conference Delegate - those being:


Sarah Buck


Vote Sarah Buck as a delegate to represent Winchester at the NUS National Conference. Prioritising social justice, the climate crisis, equal representation and mental health.

Hello there, I am Sarah Buck, a third-year Animal Welfare and Society student, volunteer and activist, passionate about social justice for all. I hope to represent our values as Winchester students as one of the two NUS conference delegates at the national forum in Liverpool this year. Although we are a small university, our voices must be heard as part of the student movement for change. We have the power to influence and make huge changes to our society during this time of political transition by organising and utilising democratic spaces effectively. If elected as your delegate, I pledge to be a confident voice demanding pragmatic and effective action which is representative of our student community.


As your former Ethical and Environmental Officer (2018-19), I have a good understanding of how both the Student Union, University and the NUS work. In addition, I have served as a member of the student academic council (2018/19/20), as an academic representative and committee member for several student liberation steering groups. Privately I am engaged in activism and campaigning for climate, animal rights and other justice movements.

My priorities if voted to represent you as an NUS delegate:

1. Immediate action for climate change.
As the people who will inherit this planet, we call for action for climate change before it is too late. We need to form a united national student movement to guide our society to show the government and the world that action is needed now to safeguard the future of all life. The climate crisis is foundational for all other struggles, and I pledge to vote for urgent action to embed sustainable practice into everything that we do.


2. Representation of underrepresented groups and ensuring that higher education is more affordable and accessible to all.
We need to reshape our democratic and educational spaces to be truly student-led, inclusive, accessible and participatory; to be a model for others to learn from and help shape the democracy we want to see in our society. We must continue to increase access to education and close the attainment gap for those who come from underrepresented groups whilst striving to reduce the financial costs of entering higher education.


3. Increased focus on mental health support in higher education.

As students, we all feel an immense pressure to attain and succeed. With 1 in 4 of us experiencing a mental health problem each year, it is becoming clear that the higher education system does effectively support students during their studies. Mental health awareness, support and education is fundamental in tackling the mental health crisis and should be a top priority for the NUS.

I believe that Winchester needs strong political representation at the NUS Conference during this transition period to prioritise the campaigns which are foundational to our values of social justice and compassion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. Please feel free to contact me with any questions via email at S.Buck.17



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