Candidates for Vice President, Activities

There are a total of 4 candidates standing for the position of Vice President, Activities - those being:




Vote Shianne as your next Vice President of Activities; to increase student empowerment, recognition and equality.

My name is Shianne Bell, and I am currently studying a Sport Business and Marketing undergraduate degree here at Winchester University. Over the last 3 years of being a student here, I have been involved with the SU in many ways. I am currently the Captain of the Snowsports society, I work as part of the SU bar team and I have previously been a tour leader.

I am running for Vice President (VP) of Activities as I believe I will be able to contribute a lot through the role of VP. Throughout my time as a student, I have become very passionate about the value of the student voice and believe it is vital that students are able to have their say and get the recognition they deserve.

If elected as VP of Activities I will focus on improving 4 key aspects; generating strong sponsorship opportunities, increasing awareness of volunteering and project opportunities, increasing the recognition of all societies and to try and decrease the amount of contact hours given on Wednesday afternoons to increase the inclusivity of participation in extra-curricular activities.

My manifesto broken down:


Generating strong sponsorship opportunities.

  • Assisting all societies to gain the sponsorships they want and need. This in turn will mean that there will be more funding into their society, allowing the society/sport to progress at a more advanced level. Allowing teams to train for as long as they need, using the correct facilities they need.

Increasing awareness of volunteering and project opportunities.

  • Student Union run projects and events need to be made more visible to students through social media and advertising. I also aim to introduce more varied and regular events at the student union, so that there is something for everyone.

  • It is important to continue to encourage and support societies hosting their own events and volunteering projects in order to contribute to the student and local community.

Increasing the recognition of all societies.

  • The recognition societies get at University is very minimal for the amount they do. Through monthly achievement letters and awards, societies are able to promote themselves in a positive way, in turn increasing the number of people that will join.

  • This is not only for sport societies, but it will raise the interest in; academic, art and music societies. This is something that needs to be addressed, as these are the societies that sometimes end up being overlooked for their great achievements. Introducing an event at the end of the year similar to Colours for those non-sporting societies will increase the recognition they deserve.

Decreasing the contact time for all student on Wednesday afternoons.

  • If elected I will try to decrease the number of contact hours put on Wednesday afternoons to allow for all students to participate in their extracurricular activities. This is a huge part of mental health and wellbeing. Allowing for students to socialise and exercise is an important aspect to maintain good health and wellbeing and I believe it should be something the University should consider.







A Vote for Lilly Beacall is a vote for a VP of Activities who is passionate about ensuring every student feels at home at Winchester. 


My name is Lilly Beacall and I’m running for your Vice President of Activities for the academic year 2020-2021. I am currently Chair of Performing Arts Winchester, which is the biggest society on campus with over 200 active members. During my time at the University of Winchester, I have come to firmly believe that being part of a society or sports team is vital for your experience at Winchester. The sense of belonging and friendships made within societies and sports teams is something I feel is irreplaceable while at University. 


I want to work on showcasing the bonds and friendships made in sports teams, societies and social networks as a way of promoting the teams, societies and social networks to new students, including how inclusive and welcoming they are by promoting prior Student Union campaigns that have been done previously such as This Girl Can and Rainbow Laces. This would also assist new students joining the university that are worried about making friends by encouraging them to join a new group and try something out. I would also like to work with each team, society and social network in publicising themselves over summer to potential new students in a bid to increase member intake. 


Societies and Sports Teams would be encouraged to have a more active role in charity events and supporting each other when these events occur. I’d like to work with RAG to assist each team, society and social network in doing this and also encouraging each group to host at least one charity event in the academic year.  I would also use the SU Social Medias as a platform to advertise the events.


I would also actively publicise sports fixings, society and social networks events across the SU Social Media Platforms to aim to advertise the amazing things the students do and try to increase audience/participation in these events. By advertising these events, it will encourage fellow students to attend thus increasing member intake as people can watch first-hand what each team, society and social network offer so it becomes an opportunity to advertise for potential members. 


Being in a society or sports team helps create the best memories of your time at Winchester, however many new student can be overwhelmed with freshers’ week and freshers’ fayre so the refreshers fayre is an important event that needs to be advertised more and display more teams and societies. Having a larger refreshers fair would also keep teams, societies and social network’s membership consistent across the year, and allow members to sample for activities for themselves. This would also allow for the inclusion of international exchange students in sports teams, societies, and social networks as they are only here for a short time period. 





Elect Ellen again to ensure the Activities Zone continues to flourish and is one that we can all be proud of #WeAreWinchester

This time last year I set out to you my vision for the Activities Zone. I wanted a Zone and Student Union that was more inclusive, wellbeing focused and one that didn’t shy away from celebrating your success. I have loved watching this vision come to life. 

Listening to and representing you, our student body, is essential to what makes a successful Zone and Student Union. If you re-elect me as your Vice President, Activities I promise to develop our current initiatives, continue to take on board the student voice and commit to delivering the below.


Fair Funding for our teams, societies, and representational student networks.

How can we expect our teams, societies and representational student networks to do all the amazing things they do if we don’t ensure they are fully funded? As your VP I will ensure costs are never a barrier to participation by:  

  • Ensuring free use of facilities at the new Bar End Leisure Centre, and review the parking policy.

  • Allowing teams, societies, and networks to bid for additional funding throughout the year.

  • Developing a Team Winchester match kit fund.

  • Introducing free ‘Give It A Go’ opportunities for all students.


Adequate Training and Support for students within the Activities Zone.

We want committees and students that are trained and who feel supported in running their teams, societies and networks, and to do this I will:

  • Introduce training for those wishing to fundraise in student activity groups.

  • Develop and introduce first aid, coaching, refereeing, and umpiring training opportunities.

  • Increase employability preparation within extracurricular activities to help students in their journey after Winchester.  

  • Open Wellbeing Rep training to all committee positions and introduce mental health first aid for Wellbeing reps. 


Opportunities to RecogniseCelebrate, and Reward our students.

As your VP I have seen first-hand the great work you all do and it is one of the things that has made me so proud to be your Vice President, Activities. However, I want to do even more by:

  • Creating a tailored points and reward system for our societies and networks. 

  • Guaranteeing an even bigger Re-Freshers Fayre to allow more teams, societies and networks to showcase what they do.

  • Continuing with our celebrating success initiatives (such as team/society/network of the week, RAG (Raising and Giving) event and Activities Champion of the month, postcards, society in the spotlight, and team takeovers). 


A positive Impact on student experience and the local community.

Our students can make a difference and I want to lead a Zone that is proud of the impact it can have on the student experience and within the local community. Together we can:

  • Develop on campaigns that make a difference, not just raise awareness (e.g. Boys Do Cry, Rainbow Laces, This Girl Can). 

  • Reward students for volunteering. 

  • Rebrand RAG and introduce a permanent fundraising total on display. 



Reopen Nominations


If you wish to cast a vote, but do not want to vote for any of the other remaining candidates for this position, then you can express your desire to reopen the nominations process.If any position is not filled by a candidate, but instead Reopen nominations is declared the winner, there will be a fresh opportunity for candidates to be nominated and the election for the position in question to be re-run.