Candidates for President

There are a total of 5 candidates standing for the position of President - those being:

Megan Ball


Vote Megan Ball to #KeepTheBallRolling and ensure that your student experience is the top priority for everyone.


A Student Union that is accountable, transparent and working every day to make real change is the only type of Union you deserve. It has been an honour to be your President for the last 8 months, bringing these values to every decision I make – transforming the Student Union into one that works for you, OUR STUDENTS and OUR MEMBERS. 


But, we’re not finished. As your President, I have spent the last year not just talking to students but listening! And I’ve heard loud and clear about the real issues at Winchester. I want to be your President for another year to continue to make change, working to improve your life & your student experience 


Vote Megan Ball for SU President, and let’s make sure we #KeepTheBallRolling


Support & Guide 

  • Secure funding for our Advice Centre and Welfare Zone. Ensuring ring-fenced spending so that we can help you when you need it most. 

  • Introduce separate Vice President, Welfare and Vice President, Education roles. Welfare and Education should be at the core of what we do. 

  • Pay the Real Living Wage (£9.30/hour) as a minimum for all our student staff. It is only right that we invest in our committed student staff from bopping to shopping. 

  • Collaborate with the University to introduce a ‘Get Help’ Button on the intranet, signposting all wellbeing advice in one easy-to-find place. 

  • Sexual Health Clinic drop-ins on campus, including free STI kits. 


Represent & Champion

  • Launch a ‘Student Recruiters scheme’ - Students should be involved in every decision made at the University, including recruitment. 

  • Launch a ‘WinCHARITY Day’ twice a semester which focuses on and celebrates volunteering and charity work. 

  • ‘Grill the Vice-Chancellor’ giving students the opportunity to question our VC. It’s time we held her to account. 

  • Implore the University shout about student success as much as the Union, celebrating real students in their institution 

  • Ensure a second Student Governor is put on the University’s Board of Governors, ensuring real student representation is heard from the classroom to the boardroom.

  • Introduce a ‘Welcome to Winchester’ scheme during enrolment. Guaranteeing every student gets the chance to speak to their SU in that critical first week. 


Equip & Provide 

  • Increase study space across campus, purchasing roll-away furniture that can be used in The Vault when unoccupied

  • Introduce a ‘Change Week’ where students can submit ideas for change to an online leaderboard and other students can vote – helping us know what to work on. 

  • Maintain SU presence at the new West Downs Centre. Keep the (currently at threat) SU Shop, and acquire additional space for an Advice Centre Hub. 

  • Urge the University for an out of hours Park&Ride shuttle bus. With students unable to park on campus, and buses stopping at 8pm, students are often prevented from staying late for lectures, studying or attending societies/sports. 

  • Introduce a Daytime Freshers Wristband to create different socialising opportunities beyond the Vault. 





I remember the first time I came to Winchester over a thousand days ago, I remember feeling like this was the place I truly belonged to, a home 1500 miles away from “home”. The past three years in Winchester have given me plenty of opportunities I couldn’t have dreamt of in my wildest dreams, I made friends for life, somehow managed to get a degree in my second language, and most importantly found myself through the chances I took never really knowing if I’d be fit for the role. Like being a SMART Buddy, mentoring people who’d been out of the education system for a decade prior to joining our University to get their degree. Or creating a Support Scheme within my course to help first and second years through their academic and personal life. Also, by helping recruit new students for the University by being both an International Ambassador and a Course Rep. And above all, through being a Student Officer for our Student Union the past two years.

This organisation has changed my life for the better in countless different ways and it would be the pleasure of a lifetime to become President and help improve the lives of our students! To achieve that, I have divided my campaign in three focuses: EngageEnsureEnrich.


Engage with the Winchester Community

Winchester is the home I found miles away from everything I previously knew, and it pains me to see the divide between students and locals. With my Presidency I want to decrease this rift by introducing community give-back activities within societies and sports teams, as well as making the Student Union more involved with local events. Similarly, I want to improve communication between student body and Student Union keeping you guys aware of what we are doing.


Ensure the uphold of the Union’s principles

Democracy, Communication and Representation, the three guiding principles of the Student Union and values I intend to keep at the forefront of my mind as President. I aim to grow student involvement in Student Senate and Student Academic Council which allow students to get an inside view of the Union’s and the University’s governance. I also want to assure every student can get a meal despite any dietary requirements, for that I want to introduce more gluten-free and vegan options at the Student Union and West Downs shops and liaise with the University to have a halal option in the Food Hall. Furthermore, I want to work with Housing and the University to provide emergency on-campus accommodation for commuting students.


Enrich the overall Student experience

The years spent at university are of extreme importance but sometimes tainted by unwanted stress which I want to fight. For that, I want to increase wellbeing support and expand the situations in which students can get access to extenuating circumstances, develop a policy to allow second submission of assignments to improve grades and hold the University accountable to ensure all students get the best education.  


Vote Maria for a President who'll fight for your future and help you get the best university experience possible.





A vote for Sam Jenkins is a vote for Equality, Community, Value For Money and Accountability, so that students concerns are actioned, not just heard. 


I am a proven leader with a track record of making a difference. During the last three years I have served across the Student Union as a Society Chair, as Volunteering and Community Officer and as a Student Academic Rep. In these roles I tried to help other students and improve their experience. Now I want to make sure that all 8000+ students at the University of Winchester have the best student experience possible.


My manifesto is driven by the issues students have told me about. I will take a student-led approach to every challenge the SU faces, listening to you and making sure your voice is actioned and not just heard.




Every Student Matters

  • No current student should feel abandoned by the University for any reason, regardless of their course, background or circumstances.


Every Lecturer Matters

  • I will put more pressure on the University to address casualisation and pay gaps so that strike action, which affects our students, is avoided in future.    


Defend The Arts

  • I will campaign to protect Arts-based courses, societies and activities because they are valued by our students.


Tuition Fees

  • I will ensure the Student Union keeps on pushing for greater clarity about how the University spends its money.




Keep Prices Down in SU Venues

  • I will conduct a wide ranging review of current prices, with the aim of decreasing prices as much as is practically possible in SU bars and shops.

  • In addition I will try to decrease ticket prices on major events (e.g Summer Ball) whilst maintaining the high quality put into these occasions.


Increasing Your Choices So Everyone Can Have Fun

  • I will aim to increase the number of non-alcoholic drinks sold at evening events, to put less pressure on those students who do not like alcohol.




Expand Representational Networks

  • Ensuring that the many varieties of student backgrounds continue to be recognised.

  • This will include setting up a new Representational Network to support students with neurodiversity (Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Tourettes etc)




Continue the Volunteering and Community Champions Awards

  • I helped set this up to recognise the good students do outside campus through volunteering. This event will continue if I become President.


Look After Students Living Off Campus

  • I will work with the University to increase the level of protection given to students who are under private housing.
















Election Statement:

A vote for Beth Stephens is a vote for YOUR safety, YOUR education and YOUR experience.


Hello, my name is Beth Stephens and I am 3rd year Theology, Religion and Ethics student. I am running to be your next President because I am an honest, determined and approachable person who is ready to listen to you and improve YOUR university experience. I want to be able to represent the entire student body and allow YOUR voice to be heard. In my time at university I have become a StAR (Student Academic Rep) for my course as well as being deputy-chair of my course SSCL (Student Staff Liaison Committee). Since my second year I have already been closely involved with the Student Union as I work with the venue team as a Bar Supervisor so you can always catch me at BOP. I am also a member of the Music Centre so spend a lot of my free time involved with their extracurricular activities, one of my key responsibilities being that I help run the Concert Band.

If elected these are the key areas I want to focus upon;

YOUR Safety:

  • Street lights – start a conversation with Winchester City Council in order to encourage the street lights to be turned back on to enforce the safety of students walking home late be it from BOP or jobs etc.

  • Ask Angela – make students aware that the student union engages with this initiative and enforce staff training within the SU so students who require this service can trust in our staff.

  • Safety Bus – encourage more people to volunteer in order to ensure it can run consistently throughout the academic year.

YOUR Education:

  • Resubmission – create a policy concerning resubmissions and in particular focus upon the impact that a 40% cap can have on students’ wellbeing and their ability to produce work to the best of their ability.

  • 40% Cap – alongside a resubmission policy look further into the university's 40% cap on resubmitted work for assignments and work towards this either being raised or introducing a staggered penalty depending on how late submissions are.

YOUR Experience:

  • Communication between faculties and the Student Union - improve the understanding and relationship with academic staff to make them aware of the issues students face.

  • Accountability – hold the university accountable for the actions it takes when they affect students ie. strikes and restrictions on free printing

  • Inclusivity – create a greater community feel for students in minority groups such as BAME, Community and Part time students etc. As well as this ensure that societies, as well as our sports teams, are being celebrated for their achievements and are as engaged with our university community.



Reopen Nominations


If you wish to cast a vote, but do not want to vote for any of the other remaining candidates for this position, then you can express your desire to reopen the nominations process.If any position is not filled by a candidate, but instead Reopen nominations is declared the winner, there will be a fresh opportunity for candidates to be nominated and the election for the position in question to be re-run.