Student Union President - Charis McCobb 

The Sabbatical Officer with overall responsibility for representing Winchester Student Union and the students of the University of Winchester. The President is also an Officer Trustee with legal responsibilities, as well as a full time employee of Winchester Student Union, during their term of office.

The President directly oversees Union activities in the following areas:

Services Zone

  • Events/Entertainment

  • Bar/Services

  • Community Relationships

  • Celebrating Success (Communications)

Welfare Zone

  • Student Housing

Education Zone

  • Student Demographic Representation



Phone: 01962 827415

Twitter: @winchesterpres

Facebook: Charis McCobb (President)


More about Charis

Officer Role

President 2021 – 2022


What did you study?

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre


What SU run events and activities have you been a part of?

I’m a member of the Cheer Squad, Winchester Spirits, and have been a StAR chair for one year, and a StAR for two years. I was also a Student Officer last year (2020/2021)


What are your top Manifesto points?

  • Improving the relationship between students and senior management

  • Well-being and financial support

  • Student Survival Skills 

  • Mentorship Scheme

  • Celebrations for all students post-COVID

  • 'Off-load' with your officers



What made you run in the Elections to become an officer?

I have loved being a student Officer this past year, and I wasn’t ready to stop fighting for students when I graduated, so I thought what better way than to run to become your Student Union President. I have been so inspired by the work of our Sabbatical Officers of 2020/2021, and really want to keep building on the work they have done, and take our Student Union even further than any of us can imagine. As I said in the elections, Together we can achieve anything!


What’s your favourite thing about Winchester?

If I look passed our incredible Student Union I would have to say the many many coffee shops in Winchester. No matter what street you’re on there is pretty much always a coffee shop to go into and catch up with friends. I have loved that as lockdown starts to ease, I’m able to go and grab coffee with lots of different friends. 


What has been your proudest moment during your student journey?

I can easily say the moment I decided to run for the elections to become President of the Student Union is my proudest moment. When I started at the University of Winchester, I was timid and shy, and didn’t really get involved in very much. The Student Union brought me out of my shell and showed me how much I was capable of. Looking back to when I first became a student, I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and I think standing in the elections perfectly shows that. 


What do you like doing when you aren’t being a Winchester SU Officer?

I’m quite involved in Christ Church Winchester which is just across the road from campus, I help out with the worship team, a kids team, and the student team there, which I absolutely love doing! I’m also still a part of Winchester Spirits, which is so fab! If there’s one thing I can say about Winchester, is get involved as much as you can because we have a beautiful city and campus, so you might as well make the most of it!