Thinking about standing for election?

You should be aware from the outset that standing for one of these elected positions should not be undertaken lightly. It is true that this experience will look great on your CV, and yes you will develop and experience many new skills and attributes whilst having some fun, but the roles do come with a great deal of responsibility and commitment. You will be entrusted with representing the views of all students at the University of Winchester; in the case of the full time Officer Trustees, you will also, alongside the other trustees, be legally responsible for the whole Union. You certainly should not let this put you off – just be aware of, and relish, the challenge!

There is of course lots of information online about what the Union & its officers currently do, and lots of other information which may be of use in your campaign if you decide to run. Additionally, you're more than welcome to speak to current officers and/or members of staff to find out more about what each role entails and what scope there is for developing Winchester Student Union. 

If you can't find what your looking for on our resources page or would like to ask ask a question about elections then please email us at