What are Student Academic Representitives (StAR’s)?
Student reps are student volunteers who are elected by their classmates to represent their programme & year. Reps are there to help feedback to the university about how courses are going and to ensure the quality of your education. They feedback to Programme Committee meetings organised by the University. In these meetings reps have their own spot to talk to lecturers and programme leaders about how their course is going and what students think about it - the good and the bad. It’s a great opportunity to shape the future of the university and doesn’t take up much of your time. It's important to know who your rep is and to engage with them.

How do I become a StAR?
At the beginning of the year lecturers give all classes the opportunity to volunteer to be a rep. Then your class vote for which students they wish to represent them, the person with the most votes becomes a rep. There are usually 2 reps per course.

There are numerous benefits in becoming a rep and here are just some:

• You will be able to have your say about how your course runs.

• Point rewards for your work, like free entry to Bop/Friday nights and hoodies!

• This role looks great on a C.V.

• You can attend free Rep Socials throughout the year.

• You receive a certificate of recognition for your efforts at the end of the year signed by the SU president, volunteering co-ordinator and Vice Chancellor of the University.

• This role counts towards you university passport.

Training Sessions
We regularly run training, briefing and forum sessions for StAR's. If you would like to enquire about our next date please email Su_star@winchester.ac.uk

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