Winchester Student Union is run according to a set of governing articles, foremost of these is our constitution.

The Constitution

A constitution is a set of rules that set out how a body is governed and run.

Our constitution was adopted by our members as of the 1st July 2011 and is required to be reviewed on a five year basis.

As such, the constitution has been reviewed this academic year (2016) and minor amendments made by the Officers, Trustees & Student Senate of the Union. All such amendments were made to either provide clarity or reflect best practice or adopted byelaw.

Our current constitution can be seen here.

Bye Laws:

Bye laws are high level documents that provide further details on how Winchester Student Union operates as both a democratic charitable and membership organisation. Each bye law gives such specicifity for a specific area of our activity, those being:

Bye Law 1 -  Executive Committee

Bye Law 2 - Elections regulations

Bye Law 3 - Governance & Meeting groups of the Union

Bye Law 4 - Policies & Papers

Bye Law 5 - Disciplinaries, Complaints & Appeals

Bye Law 6 - Activities

Bye Law 7 - Finance


If you have any questions about the constitution or our Bye Laws, please email the President of Winchester Student Union.