Supporting the welfare of our members by providing representation, educational development and social & extracurricular opportunities.


At the heart of the Student Experience; we will have a positive impact on each and every one of our members.


Environment:  We look to not only campaign about issues surrounding our environment, but provide an example for others to follow by reducing our carbon footprint and constantly improving our methods of recycling. We also believe in providing safe and friendly spaces for our students use.

Loyalty:  We are an organisation that looks to continue our record and responsibility of being loyal and accountable to our students.

Equality:  We encourage a culture of friendship between all of our students regardless of sex, age, race, religion, disability, sexual preference or any other possible discriminatory factors.

Community:  We aim to create an inviting atmosphere for all of our students and encourage them to become involved in the local and national Student community and the residential community of the city they dwell in.

Trust:  We put faith and trust in our Students and their ability to manage student activities, as well as inspiring trust in our students by being open and honest with them about their Student Union

Students The opinions, fears, prospects and wishes of students are at the heart of everything we do and allow us to set targets that are realistic to their expectations.

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