Our Silent Students Happy Homes campaign asks you to respect your community and your neighbours, and appreciate they may lead a different lifestyle to you! So when you're heading out for the evening, your neighbours may be getting ready to go to sleep, or put children to bed! SSHH asks you to always try to remember this, whether you are walking into town or to The Vault or going home after a night out, please keep the noise down!

Our venue, The Vault, is close to local residents, and it can be very upsetting from some when trying to sleep and they can hear drunken shouting from the street. Our staff patrol around the venue at night to ensure noise is kept to a minimum.We're not saying we don't want you to enjoy yourselves, just spare a thought for others. Live it up, keep it down!

We take excessive noise outside our venue very seriously and those students who make excessive noise may face disciplinary action, or face a ban from our venue. So remember Silent Students Happy Homes!