Natural Hampshire - Photography Competition

As part of 'Go Green' Week 2018 we launched our 'Natural Hampshire' photography competition; a chance for staff and students of the University to capture the beauty & drama of the natural world around them.

There were four categories, and students/staff were able to enter as many photo's into each catergory as they wished.

The categories were (the links will show you previous years entries):

Flora - A photo that best ascribes our local flora (Plants, Trees, Flowers, etc)

Fauna - A photo that best captures the heart of our wildlife (Animals, birds, insects, etc)

Elemental - A photo that best demonstrates the power and majesty of our weather and geography (rivers, hills, lakes, clouds etc)

Urban Environment - A photo that shows an interpretation of our relationship and impact on the environment


Here are the highly commended & winning entries of our 2018 photography competition alongside: