If you've got any queries about Freshers and the Student Union, get in touch!

We shall be continually updating this page with the latest information throughout the summer as we approach the arrivals period in September.

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Once you’re here look out for our Exec officers, the team in blue, and our Freshers Crew, the team in orange! If you’ve got any queries, ask them - They are here to help you!

For now here are a few of the more popular questions we get asked about Freshers...

What happens when I arrive to move in?

You’ll be met by members of the University Housing team who will assist you. They will bring keys to you and you will be directed to your Halls. Members of our Fresher’s Crew will be on hand to advise and answer questions, and help you settle in, so ask them anything!!

Where can I get information and ticket details for events?

We shall be releasing further details regarding our range of Freshers events throughout the summer here

There seem to be lots of online companies promoting 'Freshers' events, how do I know what are official Student Union events, held at the University?

Unfortunately, each year many students are targetted online for unofficial events that most likely are held in different cities and are not linked to the University or Student Union in anyway. Tickets for official Student Union events, hosted on campus will be sold via this website and promotional materials will also have our branding and logos on it. If you are ever unsure, please do contact us to check, before parting with your money.

What do I need to get in to an event?

Proof of student status is required on entry for all events and proof of age will be required for any events where our bars are open. Our standard forms of age ID are current passport, PASS photocard or photocard driving license. For student status we accept your University ID Card, however during Freshers only, we will also accept enrollment paperwork or a Halls Of Residence key.

What time do event doors close?

Last admittance for all of our events will be indicated on the event listings, here on our website.

Can I bring a friend to events?

Unfortunately during Freshers no guests are permitted.

How do I join a sports team or society?

You can see a list of sports, societies and networks on the website, to join we recommend coming down to the Freshers Fayre on Saturday 18th September. You can meet all the teams, and sign up! 

Are there any events/socials for mature, international or commuting students?

Our events are designed to cater for a wide range of tastes - please do check our lisitings to see what's right for you.

Where can I get an TOTUM, Student discount card?

The TOTUM card (used to be called NUS Extra card) is an absolute must for any student! TOTUM gives you discounts on everything from clothing to books, food and travel! To buy your card go to www.nus.org.uk. Cards are valid for one year from date of purchase and can be ordered online or buy on campus when you enroll!

Where can I eat/drink on campus?

If you’re feeling peckish, there are lots of catering outlets on campus! To grab a sandwich, snack or drink head to the SU Shop (Level 1, King Alfred Centre)  or pop to the Terrace Bar (Level 2, King Alfred Centre)

Is there a cash machine on campus?

Yes there is a cash machine in The Lounge (Level  2, King Alfred Centre) and one in the West Downs Shop. The Student Union outlets accept contactless card payments, and this is currently preffered.

Where is the nearest Supermarket?

If you need to stock up when you’ve moved in you can buy essentials at our shops located at King Alfred Campus and West Downs. However if you need more extensive groceries then you can head to Sainsbury’s at Badger Farm SO22 4QB or Tesco Extra (open 24 hours) at Winnall, SO23 7RS. Both are only a short drive or bus ride away and both also have a delivery service! If you are visiting any stores in Winchester don't forget to bring your face covering.

Where can I do my laundry?

We have launderette facilities at West Downs, Burma Road and in St.Edburga on King Alfred Campus.

Where can I get a part-time job?

Try applying at Winchester Student Union to work on our bars, shops and box office. The University employ students in their catering department, check the Uniniversity's Careerconnect site, or drop into Careers, opposite the Learning Café for advice. Also Winchester has loads of pubs, restaurants and shops which are always looking for students to work part-time.

How do I get to town?

The city centre is a short walk away from both King Alfred and West Downs Campus.

From King Alfred Quarter, cross over the road by Main Reception and walk through the cemetery, at the end cross the road and enter St.James Terrace, at the end of the Terrace turn right and you’re entering the top of the High Street! Alternatively once you are out of the cemetery, turn right and walk down St. James Lane, take a left at the bottom of the road and walk along until you see a red phone box, follow St.Thomas Passage and head left at the end, this will bring you out by the Cathedral and the bottom end of the city!

From West Downs Quarter, turn left onto Romsey Road (opposite the County Arms) and just keep walking straight, past the hospital, garden centre, prison and police headquarters and keep going! This will bring you out at the ‘Westgate’ the top of the city centre! You can also hop on a bus outside West Downs which will take you to the bottom of the city.