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Here you can find information on all the extra-curricular activities

available to you as a member of Winchester Student Union.

If you have any questions please feel free to come into the SU offices on Level 3 University Centre, or drop us an email.

Activities | suactivities@winchester.ac.uk

Vice President, Activities | Jordan.Rudge@winchester.ac.uk

Sports Co-ordiantor 

Sports & Societies Officer | suactivities@winchester.ac.uk


Student participation is one of the most important goals of the Student Union. We want students to be able to get involved, have fun and develop their university experience beyond their academic studies. As well as bringing more enjoyment to your student experience, participation is a great way of giving your CV that all important distinctive edge. The student union has many opportunities for students to get involved and we are always looking for more. From sports teams and clubs to volunteering or standing for student government, participation is at the top of our agenda and should be at the top of yours.

On the following pages you will find information about all of our current sports teams and socieities, and how to join them. As well as instructions about setting up your own society and how to effectively run your committee to success! There are plenty of oppurtinities to engage yourself with activities here at Winchester, from cheering on Team Winchester home games on a Wednesday afternoon, to helping PAW prepare for their next big stage showcase, so be sure to throw yourself in and get invovled 

We also believe that inclusivity is the name of the game when it comes to our activities opportunities and as such we also have an active policy to ensure that entry to groups and societies avoid such practices as initiations.