"Ensure our students are satisfied with the breadth of our services and consider them value for money".


The Officer Championing this priority is the President.



Our key targets for achieving this priority are:


1. When surveyed students will score our services 70% good or excellent in ‘satisfaction’ and ‘value for money’. 
Red. The Union has a 77% score for customer satisfaction but 56% for value for money.
2. Zone forums and meetings will provide the opportunity for students to feedback on, and positively influence, the full range of services, goods and events the Union provides. 
Red. Currently too poorly attended to provide required feedback. Resolving this and exploring other feedback mechanisms ongoing.
3. Delivery of a ‘mystery shop’ programme to both improve our students experience as customers and reward staff knowledge & customer care. 
Green. An annual mystery shop programme is now in place with incentives for staff performance utilised.