"Students feel empowered to engage with change-making opportunities and encouraged to let their voice be heard".


The Officer Championing this priority is the President.



Our key targets for achieving this priority are:


1. Our available officer positions in Spring elections will be contested, and the turnout for elections will be greater than 20% of eligible voters. 

Red. Student Officer posts in 2020 were not contested. Green. 2020 election turnout was 21.7% of eligible voters.

2. Through training, feedback and review opportunities, officers & representatives of the Union will feel supported and valued.
Amber. Data not yet entirely captured for 19/20 officers.
3. Student Fellows Scheme will have a 100% uptake, and completion rate, with project outcomes available to all members. 
Amber. In 19/20, 13 of 15 fundable projects were taken up. Completion rate still pending. This figure will benchmark improvement for 20/21.