"Our Students have every chance to be happy and healthy".


The Officer Championing this priority is the Vice President, Education & Welfare.



Our key targets for achieving this priority are:


1. Increasing members sense of inclusion and belonging, regardless of identity.
Amber. Report completed detailing current student demographics within engagment opportunities (e.g. Sports, Societies and Networks). Collaborative work started with the University to address imbalances. Union Equalities Policy reviewed and updated.
2. Working independently and with the University we will seek to reduce sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying and harassment on campus. 
Amber. Ongoing work with the University is being undertaken. Website resources developed.
Green. Free drink spike test kits and personal alrams made available thorugh Advice centre. 
3. We will increase resource allocation to promote wellbeing and harm reduction.
Green. 19/20 budget included allowance for student wellbeing more than four times higher than 18/19.
Red. 20/21 budget reduced by 15% due to retricted income caused by Covid-19
Green = Target achieved
Amber = Some progress made but target not yet achieved
Red = No progress yet made or target requires review