"Student are aware of their academic rights, routes of appeal and the support available to them".


The Officer Championing this priority is the Vice President, Education & Welfare.



Our key targets for achieving this priority are:


1. Through the delivery of an annual communication plan every member will be provided with student friendly digital and physical information about rights, support and routes of appeal.
Amber. Digital material has been provided to all programme leaders to screen to lecture attendees. Physical information planned for Freshers 2020 has been postponed. Social media campaign in delivery. Advice Centre Guides created and distributed.
2. Through our communications, when asked in the Union’s annual survey two thirds of our members would agree that they know their academic rights and routes of appeal.
Green. A response of 72% was achieved in our 19/20 annual survey.
3. Through usage data our Advice Centre will show a demonstrable increase in Union advocacy of students.
Green. Service has so far allowed us to provide assistance or guidance to 200+ more students than in 2018/19, prior to the Centres creation.
Green = Target achieved
Amber = Some progress made but target not yet achieved
Red = No progress yet made or target requires review