"Students are seen, valued and empowered to be, active members of the wider community".


The Officer Championing this priority is the President.



Our key targets for achieving this priority are:


1. Increasing the breadth of, and participation in, student led community volunteering and outreach projects and activities. 
Amber. To ensue wider opportunities, within our resources we are working in partnership with student HUB. Further work to maximise this opportunity still required.
2. Reducing the number of community complaints received by the Union and University relating to students. 
Amber. Benchmark data captured. Curtailment of Union activitiy has made current data atypical against benchmark.
3. Ensure the Union’s communication plan includes twice monthly press releases and other mechanisms to promote the positive benefit of students in the community. 
Green. Social media posts included through communications plan for group and individual activity. Semesterly or better officer updates released as atrticles. 
Green = Target achieved
Amber = Some progress made but target not yet achieved
Red = No progress yet made or target requires review